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Martijns, Meet the Staff is off and Running! Next up, Mike!


Hi everyone.  As you all know, we had our first interview with a staff member a few days ago and its been really well received.  We have discussed the next set-up and its been decided we are going to take questions from you! So, please send any an all questions you might have, to and from those the list will be made to send to our esteemmed builder and founder, Mike, who runs the Hobby section and what we like to call, Mikes Manor!,57.0.html  

Mike is into many things apart from flying .  So, have a look through some of his posts, and come up with some good questions!  He was one of the original team who worked for days before we went public back in March and we are very lucky to have him.  

His profile is;u=14

Meet the staff and Mike is on deck. Get your questions over to us at please and do it soon!


ps: The royal naked one returns after the 18th so we are minding the store till then.  (merrd)


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