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Hey people,

here you can post books about Nudism or Naturism (novel, short storys, documentarys or picture books)

Naked at Lunch a book by Mark Haskell Smith

Hope you post more of interesting books about this topic


King Pizza:
I have read plenty of books about this topic; my favorite one and the one that I most want to purchase is Nudist Society by Bancroft et al (1992 edition). Others that I have read include Growing up without Shame by Sparks and Miller, Therapy Nudity, Joy by Goodson. The one book that I have purchased is Nudity and Christianity by Jim Cunningham. The fiction books that I have read on this topic are A nudist among us and My Pal Sylvia and Natural City. Feel free to message me for a full citation to any of the listed works.

Mirror Earth It's about two alternate Earth's and one is a nudist Earth. I have trouble keeping the cast straight but I like it so far.

I haven't read it, but have heard about it. It's called The 'Volunteer': A Novel by D.H. Jonathan.

Blake Skies:

Boom, a complete series too. but this one i actually recommend above the rest because it feels a bit more natural


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