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Naturi Sun & Health Club, near Sydney Australia


Hi all,

Just saw this section of the Forums and thought I would give a plug for my naturist club, Naturi Sun & Health Club.

We would be one of the oldest clubs in Australia, having just celebrated our 50th Anniversary last year.

The Club was established on land about 15 minutes south west of Gosford on owned by a beautiful German couple Heinz and Eike. Heinz is now in his 80's and Eike has gone to the Great Nudist Gathering in the Clouds, but still the Club carries on, with lots of love and commitment.

The strength of our club is its natural environment, which is simply gorgeous. I love to take lots of photos of the birds and flowers. It is set in the Australian bush, very private, and is a haven for those who want to enjoy some naturist living in peace with nature.

Last year I established a new website for the Club which you can find here:

We are trying to encourage a good balance of men and women, and have quite a long queue of single males waiting for admission. We are especially keen for a few more couples and women. If that describes you, then please let me know!!!! Next gathering is THIS SUNDAY, so now is the time to visit!

Hope to see some of you soon at Naturi. :moon


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