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Edgar Rice Burroughs


Romain Ferré:
Hi !
I don't know if this book was mentioned before but for the fans of planet Opera, science-Fantasy.  there is a book's collection of planet opera story: Barsoom from the great author Edgar Ric Burroughs (Tarzan's "Father). You know all John Carter, if you didn't like the disney movie, forgot him: the books are verry interestings and the stories are hours of greats adventures, epic battles, and an unforgettable travel in a new world full of danger, and of beauty.
It's one of my favourite books and universe.  :azn:

Yep !! I'm a fan of Sci-Fantasy at large. In the same vein as John Carter there are movies like Avatar, Solaris, Forbidden Planet, Dune. And in the book, there is the cycle of Dune, Ringworld, and the world of death. I haven't read the cycle of Mars (Barsoom) by the author of Tarzan but I'll read it one day.  :azn:

Hugely fun books to read, and you're right about the disappointment of the film.  I did't think it was that bad, but it didn't do the books justice.

Have you read the new Comics adaptations? A lot closer in spirit to the original.

I’ve read most of the Barsoom tales. They’re pretty cheesy but super fun, and very natural with the the nudity.


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