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I've been researching a trip to the Caribbean for a while now, perhaps there should be a Caribbean section? Club Orient looks like the place to go for a complete family friendly Naturist holiday, which I hope to visit one day. However, I am drawn to Jamaica at the moment for my first Caribbean vacation. Most places that I found with nude beaches are luxurious, all-inclusive and definitely not for the budget conscious.

In my research for more affordable locations, I found that Firefly Beach Cottages used to have a clothing-optional beach. This is no longer the case with a change in owners, however, they have a few rooms at a condominium complex called Carib Beach Apartments that has it's own private naturist beach that you are able to use. You can also stay at the Carib Beach Apartments,

Seems like the difference is that the Carib Beach apartments is more of an apartment with no restaurant compared to a traditional resort amenities at Firefly. Both seem funky and authentic.

My family travelled to Jamaica years ago and had an absolute wonderful time.  You are talking about the Negril area and we stayed at the end of the road and up near the cliffs. It was not a naturist place but one could skinnydip below in the waters of the crystal clear ocean, or sun out in the semi-private area and no-one would say anything.  We were not on a FKK vaca but found , as we often did, areas where we could do that for sure.    We rented horses from Hedronism (and yes I wanted to go inside but was not allowed to!) and did the beach thing and walked by Firefly which had that beach right there where N was allowed without hassle though the constant peddlers drove us a bit crazy at time.

We did other things as well, including paying a kid to take us on his small boat over to a small island off Kingston Harbor and that was fkk all  the way for sure.  He was not shocked by it by any means as he had done that many times for visitors and tourists.  Loved Jamaica! 

But there are other islands too. 

Some interesting info.

Interesting website, and a must read for anybody travelling there, Always a shame when places go from CO to not.. But looks like Naturism is still very much alive there and potencial to grow...


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