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Who is your favorite writer?

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The title says it all. So who is your favorite writer?

Mine is Stephen King. I love horror literature. As it often in his novel is to average types.

Even ordinary things are on the horror:

Business (Christian, Trucks (short story from Night Shift), From A Buick 8)
Building (Shining)
Images (Rose Madder, Duma Key)

I was very impressed "Cell". Where are the people through their mobile phone to zombis.

My favourite in the horror genre is Shaun Hutson. I was introduced to his books by a flatmate in London many years ago. The link for me was that all his stories are based in and around London and as I was living and working there at the time, it kind of got me hooked. Managed to buy a few autographed copies of his books as he had done a book signing the day before I found this particular shop. Oh well, nearly met him. Funny thing is, I only ever find his books in the bargain sale bins here in Sydney, don't know why. I currently have 21 of his books on my bookshelf.

My favourite changes from time to time. Right now I'm reading a lot of Tom Holland. He writes very accessible books about history, so far I've read his books on the fall of the Roman Republic & the rise of the Empire, the Greek/Persian wars of around 500 BC and his account of the end of the first millenium.

Anthony Horowitz or Darren Shan. When I used to read I only read the Darren Shan vampire books, or the Alex Rider series by Horoqitz


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Mistake? I can't imagine a more awesome place to read it.


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