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Re: No Man's Sky
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2016, 11:35:23 pm »
Hope I am not necroing a thread here, or starting up an unpopular topic, but I was wondering what people think of the new update? I have not played it that much, but if more updates come down the line like this one, I will definitely be playing it more. For some though I can see how it is too little too late.

For me the hype never really caught up to me about the game, and I could explain that in more detail, but let's just say I feel Sony has the death touch lately.

I feel like this update is overdue and the content it added were indeed fundamental to any sucess this game was to ever obtain. Personally I find this lack of content disturbing and that the secrecy of all the updates that are to come is a little unnerving. Not showing any transparency is something that Sony is mostlikely forcing on them due to the idea that any communication is seen as confirmation on continued content and work. Shawn Murray singlehandedly created this mess and I think the lack of information is a direct consequence of his big mouth. Not to be super bashful or anything of the sort, but I truly feel bad for the dev team who are being subjugated to this. It almost feels like some of the drama we get from the Japanese game developers.

I agree with you on that. If I were to blame anyone on the dev team, it would be Shawn.. I'm not sure what he was thinking? I don't think he lied just for the hype to be honest, because if someone took me out of my office and put me on the hot spot with Stephen Colbert, I would probably do worst (I hate public attention, even good) But who knows, maybe he is the evil mastermind the internet says he is. Bottom line, he should not have lied.

As for Sony, they already piss me off with how all the power went to their head. An example was mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition. XBox got the mods no problem, but the moment news articles started popping up about Bethesda delaying mod support for PlayStation, I knew it was because Sony didn't want either scripts or custom content. Turns out it was the custom content. Having a closed system makes me question a company's worth (*cough* Apple,) but being bold about it and obviously not caring out your customers is some EA level stuff.

But in the end, the death threats, Sony wanting to push their new mid-life console, and Shawn not being up front about everything was never going to work out. They should have either dropped Sony and not generated so much hype, open the game up for demos, or delayed it until it was completed.

TLDR; Sony backing up an indie game developer mixed with hyped gamers and a Shawn Murray who didn't want to dissapoint caused the game to be rushed. IMO everyone has blame in this.

All I hope for now is a better game. I would love to see what the trailers showed, even if it takes a few years. As for the haters, they can play something different, they never brought anything good to the table anyway.

WatchMojo said it best as No Man's Sky for #1 spot.

@nakeddrake As far as necroing an old thread, never have any worries there. As long as you continue the discussion and add in sight to it, there is never a problem with reviving a thread. Saying congrats to someone for something that happened years ago or responding to only one person that hasn't been active for a long time wouldn't be contributing. But, certain discussions never fully die anyways. And better then having multiple threads of the same thing.

Yup, I saw that and can't disagree with them.

Thanks @DrgHybrid , I am still looking for a thread in the video game section, but I don't want to post too much. Sundays are my lazy days, so I have been on this forum most of the time. So many topics to discuss :3

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Re: No Man's Sky
« Reply #16 on: March 05, 2018, 04:05:15 am »
Update time: So I just acquired the game and have spent about 14 hours total so far. I can say the game is enjoyable right now. As a new player who had no previous experience of the game (I have never played it at before, no friend had it, and the only thing I saw was Twitch streams and youtube during the controversial time period). I think the new update, currently Atlass Rising, is a step in the right direction, but still I can't belive it has taken this long for them to get to this point in the development. The game is fun, but I couldn't imagine it being fun until after these updates. I fully expect more content in the future (that reflect the original promises by bigmouthbarry) to be represented in the game.
I cant give a list of pros and cons  simply becuase I dont know how well the game is executing on what it is meant to do. The development cycle is backwards with this one, and it is completely out of whack with every other game out there.
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