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Schumacher returns to F1 for Mercedes in 2010

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What do you guys and girls think? Is it just for cash??? He's just signed an 7million Euro, 12month contract.


--- Quote ---Paul Gover From: Herald Sun December 24, 2009 12:00AM

Michael Schumacher Source: AFP

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has come out of retirement and will return to Formula One racing next year.

Three years after he was eased out of Ferrari following five world title wins for the Italian team, Schumacher is returning to lead a renamed, revitalised and refinanced Brawn team now owned and branded as Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix.

Having retired in 2006, Schumacher, who turns 41 on January 3, will reportedly be paid seven million euros ($A11.32 million) to be on the grid when the new season starts with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 14.

Should Michael Schumacher get back behind the wheel? Tell us what you think below.

"After a three-year break, I have all the energy again that I was lacking," Schumacher told a teleconference.

Schumacher had been due to make a remarkable return last season for Ferrari - for whom he acted as a consultant after retiring - as a replacement for the injured Felipe Massa but was unable to because of a neck injury.

But the German said the pain was behind him.

"My neck is no longer a problem," Schumacher said.

"Over the summer it was too soon after the accident. Now everything has healed."
The deal makes good on the commitment that originally brought Schumacher into F1 after he was groomed through junior categories and Le Mans sports cars using the German company's cars and cash.

Schumacher was meant to race with Mercedes-Benz in the 1980s but the company never made a 100 per cent commitment to F1, entering instead as an engine supplier and then as a partner with McLaren.

The end of its McLaren partnership, and the takeover of Brawn GP, clears the way for a big-money deal to bring the German superstar back to the sport in a car that will be known as a "Silver Arrow".

Ironically, it was Ferrari that triggered the original talk of a Schumacher comeback, when he was tapped to replace the injured Felipe Massa this year.

Schumacher was keen but injuries he sustained in a motorcycle race crash earlier in the year, including a fractured skull, kept him out of the car.

Talk of a Mercedes deal began about a fortnight ago and the rumours quickly gathered pace, particularly when Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo revealed he had released Schumacher from his ambassadorial role with the company after he was told a deal with Brawn was very close.

Schumacher is statistically the most successful driver in F1 history. Apart from his seven titles he has 91 wins and set the fastest lap 76 times, but his career was always marked by controversy.

He rammed both Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve in championship battles, was accused of racing an illegal Benetton in the years when he took his first two titles, and also benefited many times from team orders at Ferrari, which stopped teammates trying to beat him.

Rubens Barrichello was twice forced to pull over to let Schumacher win.

Since his retirement he has stayed fit, despite often being seen smoking cigars, and also begun racing superbikes to satisfy his competitive drive.

He has raced regularly, even qualifying for the world go-kart finals this year and finishing runner-up in the Race of Champions, a multi-discipline motorsport event against a collection of national and world champions in China last month.

- with AFP
--- End quote ---

I think he makes it for the money.

Worries me his neck, after a motorcycle accident he should have quite a problem.

Let's hope that the test runs, otherwise arise.

In my opinion, we'll never know. He could be saying he's not doing it for the money, but he might be lying. I think he is in for the money, but he could want to reclaim some of his former glory too

Definitely not for the money on any level - ol' Schuey has millions stored away, he's one of the top 5 richest athletes ever, I forget his place in the rankings. I think old Bernie is calling in a favour - F1 ratings are sinking like a stone, and this is exactly what they need to bring sponsors back in. That, and I think he really misses racing, its the only thing he's ever known, and I think he could pull off some surprises next year. I've followed him since 96', and he was one of my massive childhood idols growing up - I really wish him all the best, and I'll definitely be tuning in to watch all the races next season.

Yeh I'm thinking that I don't really care why he's doing it, as long as he is competitive, I'll be a keen viewer.


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