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Write for H&E
« on: September 13, 2016, 12:00:25 am »

Would you like to write for H&E? If so, please read the editorial guidelines below. H&E EDITORIAL GUIDELINES
H&E naturist magazine is the oldest naturist magazine in print and is published by Hawk Editorial Ltd and edited by Sam Hawcroft. H&E seeks fresh and invigorating naturist and naked-themed material for the only commercially distributed monthly naturist magazine in the world and its online version. Editorial requirements are as follows:
  • We are looking for well-written material on life with a naturist angle. This includes experiences, observations, naturist politics, travel, history, etc. Some space in each issue is given over to features and essays on the naked human body in society, history, art, culture, and everyday life.
  • Certain subjects have been done to death. Features on the following subjects are, in most cases, not required: body shaving, piercing, tattooing, circumcision, sexual experimentation, life modelling, and so on.
  • Health features are also considered, especially if they have naturist relevance.
  • Word count: the preferred length for features is 800-1,250 words. Please do not send us essays of more than 2,000, as they will almost certainly be cut or rejected. There must be enough room for pictures to lead the story.
  • Good accompanying photographs illustrating feature articles will mean the feature is far more likely to be published.
  • Good accompanying photographs illustrating feature articles will mean the feature is far more likely to be published.
  • The Opinion column is designed to give a platform for more controversial points of view in the naturist world. Word limit 750, fee £65 with suitable photo(s), £50 if no accompanying photo. All other fees are by negotiation – if no fee is requested and agreed on up front, H&E reserves the right to set its own fee.
  • There is no payment for articles of a commercial nature – and supporting paid advertising will usually be required.
    • We require nude photos of men, women, and couples of all ages. It is the authentic ‘naturist look’ that we are interested in and we prefer photos of people doing things other than simply sunbathing or posing for the camera. We also require photos of beaches and naturist venues from all over the world to illustrate our travel and club features and as stock.
    • We do not use photographs taken inside the house or bedroom. We do not like photos where the subject’s face is turned away from the camera or is deliberately obscured, i.e. by sunglasses, large hats, etc.
    • UK legislation forbids female nipples and the genitals of either sex on the front covers of magazines. These are usually obscured by cover lines or props that don’t look too contrived.
    • We do not like photos illustrating articles that consist of shots of empty pools, beaches or deserted club lawns.
  • Cover £120. High-resolution digital images are essential – we do not accept prints or transparencies for cover photos.
  • General editorial photos – for every photo used on editorial pages, depending on the size used on the page, we pay from £15 to £50. High-res digital photos are far more likely to be used; 6×4 holiday snaps are too small and will not blow up to full-page size. DO NOT send images taken from the internet – they will be nowhere near the size required for print publication. Images must be 300dpi and ideally at least 2,000 pixels wide on the shortest side.
  • There is no payment for online-only publication (as in the Gallery Extra), but usually Gallery pics will be used either when an image from the same set is printed in the main magazine, or when the image might not be quite good enough for print publication.
  • If you do not have digital photos, we can accept rough 72 dpi scans (no higher please) of prints via e-mail for viewing purposes but we must have the prints for reproduction in the magazine. Domestic flatbed scanners generally fail to produce satisfactory results for magazine reproduction. The prints must be as large as possible and developed from the original negative (not merely enlarged). Please note, however, that film images must be exceptionally good – otherwise it’s likely they will be rejected; unless professionally developed and scanned into digital format, they are usually marred by dust and hairs that take too long to edit out using image software.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept transparencies.
  • Dropbox is now the preferred method for sending sets of images – check it out here if you are unfamiliar with the service.
  • If you have digital photos you can also submit them on a CD or DVD with accompanying thumbnail printout and model release. PLEASE LABEL YOUR CDS!
  • Like most publishers, Hawk Editorial uses Apple Macs, and PC users are requested to ensure that the discs they produce (‘burn’) from their PCs are readable by Macs. If in doubt, consult your Windows help files before burning. When burning a disc on a PC please select the option that permits your disc to be ‘read by any computer’.
  • You can also send your images over via email – but please make sure you don’t bombard us. Send two or three at a time and preferably by prior negotiation. Low-res previews are fine but we prefer it if you can send your high-resolution images in the first instance, so we do not have to go back and request them.
  • We do not return discs, so please ensure you have other copies of your photos.
 Unless you are a professional photo artist, please DO NOT manipulate your digital photographs in any variety of image editing software. We require copies of the original captured image in order to reproduce your photographs faithfully in the magazine. Manipulated images may look fine on your monitor but may not reproduce well on the printed page.
 Please submit your written work in one of the following ways.
  • Via e-mail to: – preferably as a Word document (.doc) or plain text (.txt) file attachment.
  • On a CD or DVD along with your images (if applicable).
  • We do not accept hand-written submissions.
  • We no longer accept manuscripts for OCR scanning – if you can print out a document, unless you are using an ancient word processor, this means you have access to a computer, so please save the file to a disk or arrange to have it emailed to us.
  • We require first use on all work submitted. It may take us some time – often up to several months – to use submitted work. If we do use your texts or photographs, we require that no other naturist magazine or website use the material, or substantially the same material, before its appearance in H&E naturist and on the website and for six months after its appearance in H&E naturist and on the website. This clause works on a trust principle and if H&E naturist-published work does appear in another magazine or website, in violation of this reasonable clause, then any further contributions from the author or photographer will not be accepted.
  • Payments in GBP Sterling (bank transfers preferred, but cheques can also be sent out) are made around the end of the month of the cover date on the magazine in which the work appears.
  • All prints must be labelled with the name of the photographer and a return address. Do not write on the reverse of photos as this often shows through or the ink does not dry and then smudges on stacked prints. Use a label.
  • All persons specifically posed or photographed with their consent for publication must sign a model release form giving permission for their photo to appear in H&E naturist magazine and on the website. Copies of model release forms are available to download here. Other people nude in public places, whether in the foreground or background, do not require model releases, but use of such photos will be at our discretion.
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Re: Write for H&E
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