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This is just sad, but thought the community should know.
Canada has 2 optional Beaches.
“I wish we were all naked all the time, ... I have always believed it is what's underneath that counts. If we were all forced to be naked, perhaps we would start to see that a little bit more. “
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They shouldn't make it forced. That is no way to let new people in who are ok with being around nude bathers yet not wanting or fully committed yet themselves. The idea of it started when you would see textiles gawking at nudists on the beach and making the nudist uncomfortable.
Honestly I would prefer if the textile wants to come over then they can, but if I am uncomfortable they should not act in a manner that would make me so.

Sadly there is no courtesy of disrobing in front of nudists to make them feel comfortable around your clothed presence, yet the opposite is true for us.
What is your philosophy?

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If they are having issues in BC, that doesn't bode well for the rest of the country.

I've always felt more beaches should be designated clothing optional away from the main area, and then certain areas beyond that being nudity required. That way, people who are unsure can experiment, and if they like it, can stay in the optional section or go to the nudes only area.
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