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My parents told me about a old german mag called "jung und frei" that was sold in the 80ies or so. Does anyone know more about it?

I found this  on wikipedia, but it is only in German.

And here you can see any pictures about this magazine

Danke! Meine Eltern sind sich nicht sicher ob die Hefte jetzt jugen gefährdend oder sogar illegal sind. Weist du da was?

Die Zeitschrit ist indiziert (starke Verkaufsbeschränkung, da als stark jugendgefährdend angesehen), nicht beschlagnahmt (jede Verbreitung oder gar Besitz verboten). Also man darf nicht damit werben, dass man es verkauft, aber man darf es weitergeben (Verkauf ab 18). Laut dem Wikipediaartikel besteht die Jugendgefährdung jedoch nicht darin, dass das Material für Jugendliche problematisch sei, sondern darin, dass es im freien Verkauf leicht in die Hände von Pädophilen gelangen könnte und sie zu bösen Taten anstiften könnte. FKK wird nämlich gerne als Vorwand genutzt, um Nacktfotos zu verbreiten, wenn erotische Bilder nicht erlaubt sind.

The magazine is on the "harmful to minors" index that comes with severe restriction on sale, but there is no confiscation that would outright prevent any form of distribution or outlaw possession. You may not advertise that you sell it, but you can distribute it (though stores may sell to adults only). According to the Wikipedia article, it is not considered "harmful to minors" because of the impression the content may leave on young people, but because open sale makes the material more accessible to paedophiles and it was feared that it might encourage them to do bad things. The term nudism is, after all, commonly abused as an excuse to distribute nudes when erotic photos are prohibited.

The company that published Jung und Frei. Peenhill Ltd also published H&E along with a French version of Jung und Frei called Jeunes et Naturels until the company went under in 1997. The magazines were already illegal in England hence why they were sold in France and Germany the usual method of how pre-internet child pornography operated to avoid being shut down.

Jung und Frei went out of it's way to crop adults and focus on children and young teens a lot these were misused family photos properly without permission according to the FKK Museum the early editions were very picture heavy later editions had token articles that rarely matched the pictures.

The offices of the company were raided a year before they went out of business for good and assets purchased by H&E Naturist present owner who reformed H&E back in more naturist direction they ceased and destroyed remaining copies of Jung und Frei and Jeunes & Naturels because they didn't want to be associated with those magazines finally putting an end to what were two pretty dodgy publications and a very uncomfortable case of naturist exploitation.                     


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