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Traveling Sauna Hits the U.S. Roads in 2017



News, 11/7/2016 | Embassy of Finland, Washington
Traveling Sauna Hits the U.S. Roads in 2017

Finland celebrates the centennial of its independence in 2017. Many events will take place throughout the United States, and one of the most exciting centennial projects is the Traveling Sauna. The sauna will drive across the entire continent, from West Coast through Mid-West to East Coast, traveling over 10,000 miles.
The idea of the Traveling Sauna was born when a group of Finns and Finnish-Americans were brainstorming what kinds of events to organize in the U.S. in 2017. The group wanted to make sure that the centennial would be celebrated throughout the year and not only on the actual Independence Day on December 6. The group came up with the idea of having a sauna travel from the West Coast to the East Coast.

The Traveling Sauna is a "centennial mascot" that is designed to bring as much publicity as possible to the different events being organized by local Finnish and Finnish-American organizations and thus the centennial, especially in the social media. It will also be something unique to catch the attention of local media wherever it travels.
The sauna starts its journey in Texas in February 2017, then makes its way to the West Coast, travels through the Mid-West and spends the autumn driving down the East Coast. The journey will end in Washington, D.C. in the beginning of December.

Ice Cold Marketing, Jouko Sipilä and Risto Sivula, are in charge of all sauna logistics like designing the sauna, creating the route and coordinating the sauna stops with local Finnish and Finnish-American organizations. They are two Finns living in Minnesota who are passionate about promoting Finland and everything Finnish in the U.S. The sauna is built and donated by the Finnish-American company TyloHelo, one of the world’s leading sauna manufacturers.

Please assist Jouko and Risto to spread the word about the centennial. You can connect with them on social media and through their website. Sponsorship opportunities are available as well. The campaign will have a huge reach both physically and via social media. It will be a great opportunity for companies to promote their innovation, design, craftsmanship or services. Private citizens and organizations will have an opportunity to support the project via a crowdfunding campaign, to be launched in early December.

Finland’s centennial is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Finns, Finnish-Americans and friends of Finland to celebrate together. Now is a good time to approach your local Finnish or Finnish-American community and start making plans for the upcoming centennial!
More information about the Traveling Sauna:
More information about the centennial events in the U.S. including an events calendar:

Didn't really know if this news really fits as 'nudist news', but it is a sauna, and it is coming your way.  :azn:


Sounds great for the people who are that way... anything promoting Naturism is good..

I just wrote them to add an event in Los Angeles. I think it would be cool to have a bunch of people milling around in towels while taking turns for a naked sauna experience. We have a sauna in my apartment building, so maybe we can have two saunas going same time. Love sauna!


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