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Happy Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies here. Hope you all have a good safe day  :smiley:

This is coming up again soon. Does anyone have any plans for a gathering on the day?


A group of my nudist friends and I are gathering at Twin Falls nudist retreat for the long weekend 26-28th Jan. Looking forward to celebrating being Australian in my birthday suit!  :moon

I've not been to the retreat but I have been to Ellenborough Falls. Great place! Hope you enjoy it  :smiley:

Thanks Tree. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Ian and Yolanda are fantastic hosts. Whenever we visit, they end up putting on a Chinese banquet on the Saturday night. So funny seeing Yolanda cook with a large chef's hat and white apron on, but nothing else...

Being set in a rainforest, the bird life is amazing, so I always take my birding books and binoculars. I'll also pack the telescope so that if we get clear skies, I can enjoy some astronomy.

About 8 people from our nudist club are coming, so we'll just have a great time enjoying each other's company, lots of laughs and time in and around the pool.


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