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I have been re-enacting for many years doing WW2 Kiwi and American GI (With all the gear i have) but now i do 1745 Scottish Jacobite Rebellion as an indipendant. Anyone else re-enact. I think Xgsft did WW2 german from memory.

This week end just gone i did a display as part of the NZ wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) at the Museum of transport and technology "All Military Weekend" of a Field workshop of the 143rd Ordnance Light Maintenance Company from the US 43 Infantry Division who served in the Pacific and NZ during WW2.
  I had not done a display at a re-enactor event for at least a year and a half and had not donned a 20th century uniform in all that time with my having long hair again but i hid it all up under my cap and went as a GI.
I really enjoyed conversing with the public regarding all the equipment and vehicles i had on display and catching up with a lot of guys i had not seen in ages, but did not take part in the battles and never even took any guns to display as i concentrated on the automotive and repair aspect and there were plenty of other guys with rows of shooters so wanted to do something different. I will post some photos when the guys send me some of the display.
  I am thinking of doing a either a WW2 Kiwi army medical unit or combined US/Kiwi signals shack or maybe a Kiwi Vietnam war artillery gun position at the next event,


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