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Naked Hand Spa - London


Wombling Wurzel:
I was up at Naked Hands Spa (yesterday) and thought I would give my opinions of the place. 

This was the former Elixir of Life spa.  Not too much changed actually.  Bigger lockers to store your clothing and bag etc and a couch in the communal area..  But now the therapists stays clothed whilst performing the massages here.  The girl I had was called Rachel and was brought up a naturist.  I did direct her to this site, so you may or may not see her join.  There were 2 couples and mainly men whilst I was here and one chap I got talking to believed that naturism was in the death period and would sooner or later die out.  I like to be upbeat and think not.

But overall I would still say it is a worth while place to go if you are in the city visiting or live here for a day trip out.

Thanks for this and the brief report.  Feel free to tell them you are going to promote them if you like.

Sounds like a interesting place


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