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Naturists often look out for beautiful and fascinating places around the world for recreation or relaxation. Naturists have their reasons for being the way they are.
While some engage in naturism to gratify their desire for complete liberty, others do so to get in touch with nature or just flow with people around them. While naturism is beginning to gain acceptance in some parts of the world, it is still subject to some code of conduct laws in nations such as Brazil.
The highest form of intimacy that exists between lovers is achieved at that point when they are naked but not embarrassed. Beyond the four walls of the rooms and mighty buildings, naturists, sometimes want to display love in nude beaches without discrimination. However, nudists and naturists are often faced with the fear of rejection. Subsequently, with the increasing emergence and approval of nude beaches, nudists and naturalists can enjoy a bare frolic in the silt without fear.
s naturism legal in Brazil? Brazil has a lesser number of naturist beaches. Naturism is often practiced illegally or unofficially in several Brazilian beaches and naturists or nudists may face the menace of harassment. According to Brazilian laws, the practice of naturism outside selected areas is considered a violation.
 Where can I go as a Naturist in Brazil? Let’s take a tour into the world of naturists in Brazil as we explore the various naturist or nude resorts and beaches that are available.
Massarandupió is one of the top nude beaches often visited in the world. It is characterized by tall, slim coconut trees, pristine sands, and crystal clear water. It is situated about 50 miles from Salvador close to other beaches like Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte. Naturists can anticipate the enjoyment of the cool gentle breezes, the gentle whooshing coconut plantations, and a warm clear water all year round.
Olho de Boi is also known as the Bull’s eye beach. It is located in Búzios, in the Rio Janeiro State. It is a popular legal naturist beach for gays in Brazil. An important spot to behold and enjoy is the cliff which forms a waterfall in the steep track which leads to the beach.
Praia do Abricó is interestingly the only legal nude beach available to the naturists in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is located in the Grumari Area of Environmental Preservation, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. However, it is important for naturist to note that certain areas in Rio de Janeiro were affected by dengue fever early 2008.
Barra Seca is another legal nude beach on an island off the coast of Espírito Santo, in the southeast of Brazil. Linhares is the key city close to Barra Seca. Barra Seca is about 38 miles from the city
Brazil has other interesting sights, beaches, clubs and associations for naturists within and outside Brazil. You could visit for relevant information about official naturist beaches, clubs, and populations in Brazil.


I have always wanted to visit Colina do Sol.


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