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Yesterday Facebook's CEO talked about Facebook's role in a multicultural world. Part of his manifesto adressed the companies role as a global social network used by many users from different regions and cultures.

He thinks adding user-configurable prefference filters would be a good solution to allow users to post and see whatever level of nudity and violence they are comfortable with.

This could mean that in the future, Facebook might start allowing nudity and thus won't make a fuss about naturist pictures of those who like to share them with others who don't mind seeing them.

What do you think about this move in mentality? I think it is a great step forward and might get other companies on board. If I can enable a internet-wide "innocent nudity" preference, I definitely would.


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Re: Facebook might allow nudity with introduction of preference filters
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2017, 12:30:03 am »
I don't know how I personally feel on it to be honest. On one hand, it's awesome to see them finally allowing it if they do. On the other, I feel that there are more then enough sites out there that allow nudity.

To a little deeper, people already get themselves in trouble for what they post online. Companies see it, potential new bosses, and I for one don't want a future potential boss to be seeing my shlong bouncing about...even if it was for innocent reasons.

And lastly we get into the innocent nudity. What really defines that? Non sexual is how I would, however, the next person over seeing a kid running through the sprinkler naked as perverted if I shared it, where I thought innocent. Way too much grey area.
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