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Further to the "what are you playing" thread, I was wondering what web/flash games people like to play?

some less well known favourites of mine are: - daysofwonder have a great range of games available, ticket to ride being a favourite - it's all about collecting cards and filling in routes. - a simple little flash game where you simply do what it says... - The impossible quiz (and sequels) - challenge your thinking-outside-the-box logic - for the artists amongst you (click "enter the classic jackson pollock) - a nice little vector racing game - avoid the cubes! - pop the bubbles - another think outside the box - noone has ever completed it! - Xeno Tactic - my favourite tower defence game (destroy all the enemies before they make it through) - Tetris... in 3D!!! - lemmings online!

So what do you guys think? Have I got anyone hooked? Any other suggestions?

In school the only game allowed on the network is one called Onslaught 2 so I ocassio ally play that, but for games really I just stick to my 360

cpen05: It's tetris, but you are competing against others 


--- Quote from: Mike on January 23, 2010, 02:00:54 pm --- It's tetris, but you are competing against others 

--- End quote ---

It can't beat First Person Tetris


--- Quote from: Dan on January 23, 2010, 02:04:05 pm ---It can't beat First Person Tetris

--- End quote ---

wow, that's awesome!!!!!


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