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King Kong (Spoiler free)
« on: March 15, 2017, 01:28:50 am »
Oh man, have I been bad about doing anything here. So sorry fellow nudies!

This past weekend I went and saw the latest adaption of King Kong, Kong: Skull Island, with a buddy of mine. Wasn't on my list of things to see, but I take the opportunity to get out and do whatever quite often. On a little side note, our theater we have here remodeled with some fancy reclining seats where you can prop your feet all the way up and there's still room for people to walk in front of you. An arm rest for everybody. Ah, comfort. Only downside is they made it where basically all movies are reserve only since they take up so much space.

First the hard stats. So it was budgeted for 185 million and so far in states has gained around 153 of that back. So far it's dominating the box office, but Disney's Beauty & The Beast will probably overshadow it. I mean, that is Disney after all. WB's anticipation for Kong is to eventually fight ol` Godzilla in a reboot rematch. Ah, what it will be to see that in today's graphics. Long as we still have a Japanese person shouting..."GODZILLLLLLLA!" Nostalgia. However, it needs to earn a few more million dollars (predictions of about 300 - 500 million total from movie sales) for them to roll forward. It either A: Hopefully gets there and they do. or B: It still surpasses budget and they still move forward. I mean...BvS (yuck) came in under budget and that's still moving forward into Wonder Woman and eventually Justice League, so here's really hoping.

So, cast...or at least the main guys because there is a LOT of cast members in here. Not even counting all the extras either.

You have Tom Hiddleston which is Conrad. (Loki from Avengers) Awesome job there. His story is kinda sterotypical for his role, however, it developed really nicely.

Sam Jackson: Don't get me wrong, I like his acting, I really do...but, I feel he was just a little shy of a great job here. His personality throughout the movie is just insane. Not what I fully expected from his or the particular position he plays as the leader of the soldiers. Maybe he needs to stick with Avenger films.

Brie Larson: She's apparently going to be in the Avengers as well...(Might as well grab all actors, since apparently Kong's have been or are going to be in Marvel movies, haha) And if she does half as good in them as she did in Kong, then I'll be satisfied. Kong usually has the whole damsel in distress thing going on, but the new outlook on it is slightly different and she fits the role just fine.

John Goodman: Ah, it's a pleasure to see him in the movies, but the poor guy just ain't aging well. (Yah, I know, he is 64) On the plus side, he's not near as big as he use to be which I'm sure is helping his health out a lot. I liked his acting, however, I didn't like his role. He's either been the off-set type of comedy to me, or the almost moral compass. Neither which he really plays in Kong. However, he is an experienced actor and still did a good job at it, just feels out of character. And, unlike the others, at least he isn't going to Marvel movies...but he is apparently going to be in the new Transformers, haha.

Now, actual review of it. The movie moves along really well. I like how they tie in all the events and it doesn't seem like any down moments. Always something happening. Like, there is one where you have a couple characters talking and it seems like they talk forever..but they really don't. I'd have to say that's the only slowing thing down for me. Kong's presence in the movie is also known, I mean, even celebrated (the movie is about him after all) but they just don't center around here. There's a lot of stuff going on here, quite a bit of story, and lots of character development for the ones that "don't" die. When you think that you haven't seen Kong in awhile, he might just stop in for a cameo.

It plays out really well throughout the movie. However, there is a lot of predictable moments in the movie too. Part of this is how it builds up. The other part seeing as, yah, the movie is about Kong and we know how the this is going to turn out. Monster fights man, man seems to lose. Monster fights monster, main monster yay! For me, this leaves some anticipation for the Godzilla rematch when you have Kong v Godzilla. Who will win? We never even got a "for sure" answer from the first movie, so it's always up in the air.

Overall, happy that I saw it. If you are a fan of Kong, Kaiju, monsters, or really big gorilla's, I think you'll be happy as well. I didn't see it in 3D though, and I kinda wish that I did. So, I would set that as a recommendation for that. However, just to see it period will be worth it.

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