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The best destinations to be nude in Australia
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:00:29 pm »

AU NATUREL is a term common to the average Australian little. While most Australians prefer walking fully dressed, there is a growing number of Australians who prefer to wander the Earth dressed as came to the world that is literally naked.


Here are some of the best places in Australia to the nudists (or naturists, as they prefer to be called) and for those who simply do not feel embarrassed if he finds out.

Naked walk in the blue mountains
[/size]Image result for Naked walk in the blue mountains[/color]

Bush is probably not a place you would consider itself to undress. The walks are guided by Fat Canyoners Club, a group of people who founded the Club Club because of a mutual enthusiasm for hiking, canoeing and all things related to outdoor activities.

The idea originated from a discussion about the passion of a member for skinny-dipping, and quickly became a regular activity, where people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

During the walk, you have the opportunity to explore the terrain of the Park and take a dip in the canyons and creeks. The Group ends its regularly tours with any section of yoga on the rocks, or even a canyoning adventure. They were also known to surprise regular tourists and campers who will enjoy the experience, dresses.

It is a liberating experience and education. Be careful though, sunscreen won't be the best protection against "friendly" creatures.

[/size]Nude retreat in the Whitsundays, QLD[/color]

If you don't like the cold weather to be naked, why not try the warmer climate of Queensland? Seclude is a naturist retreat located in Whitsunday Ranges between Proserpine and Airlie Beach. Hidden among 166 hectares of tropical forest, is the perfect place to be naked without being disturbed.
Image result for Nude retreat in the Whitsundays, QLD

There you can stay in cottages equipped with Wi-Fi, heated spa, quality kitchen and air conditioning. Not to mention that you're constantly surrounded by Rainforest rich in native flora and fauna. You will also be a short bicycle trip to Cedar Creek Falls, where you can explore the surroundings or take a swim naked in the Lake of cahoeira.

Image result for Nude retreat in the Whitsundays, QLD

[/size]Swim naked in the winter solstice on the Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania[/color]
[/size]Is not for the faint of heart, in Tasmania the Dark Mold Festival of the winter solstice in the Derwent River puts hundreds of naked people on the beach of Sandy Bay in a harsh winter morning. The brave divers emfrentam the freezing waters with temperatures up to 11 degrees, negative, there is a sense of nervousness and excitement. Many are in the water only briefly before choosing to heat your towels. In your second year, the festival has attracted great attention from the mainstream media and naturist.[/color]
[/size]Discover everything on Twisting, Perth WA Yoga Peacock5
Image result for Perth WA Yoga Peacock[/font][/color]

Not only are the mountains of the East that are passionate about the nudity. The Twisting Peacock Yoga studios in Perth this at the forefront of the practice of nude yoga.

The Studio instructors believe that esrtando nus students must concentrate on self-liberation and allow yourself to be comfortable with your exterior.

[/size]Competition of the best boom boom in Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games, SA[/color]
[/size]Image result for Maslin Beach Nude Games, SA[/color]

For the nudists competitive, try a bag in Nude Games in Maslin Beach. One of the most spectacular beaches of Southern Australia, a part of the beach is reserved for naturists legalized in 1975, became the first official naturist beach of Australia. Held in January each year, the games is an event for all ages

The most popular event, however, is the competition "Best Bum", (the best boom boom) where all kinds of derrières are judged based on firmness and shape.

Related image

It's a day to promote naturism in Australia, organizers offer barbecue and drinks, which of these places would you choose to experience naturism?

Via News Australia, Publisher N


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