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International Naturist Federation (INF)



What is INF?

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The International Naturist Federation is an organisation consisting of members in over thirty countries. Together with other interested parties involved in naturist activities, the INF-FNI works to enhance and improve the naturist experience and the naturist business climate by promoting the benefits of naturism to the general public.

INF-FNI provides a variety of services to naturists including the scheduling and coordination of several events. These include the World Congress, held every two years  at different clubs throughtout the world, athletics and sporting events consisting of an International Volleyball Tournament, swimming gala's and petanque tournaments, youth meetings, Central Committee meetings and Executive Committee meetings. In addition, INF-FNI provides direct services to naturist members and federations such as communications and notifications of events as well as special bulletins.

There are over 30 federations around the world and within these federations there are over a thousand unique clubs, clothing optional resorts, nude beaches and holiday centres. Detailed information on the federations is located on the "Countries & federations" page and the many establishments on the "Resorts & Clubs" page. 

The INF-FNI offers various levels of membership. Details and benefits are also found on this site. Discover which one is right for you!

This is the World Govering Body for real Naturism and as such, everyone/anyone who genuinely is interested in the lifestyle, should go read and research them!


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