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Scatman Appreciation Day 2017 (actually Hoff Appreciation)

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Scatman Appreciation Day 2017

We know the community has been looking forward to celebrating the Hoff again. Unfortunately, David Hasselhoff has contacted us saying that he does not want to be affiliated with us anymore. We are sorry, but Hoff Appreciation Day has to be cancelled.

However, there is good news. Scatman John has been unable to complain stepped up, and our new mascot will invite you to Scatland. He has been popular around these places lately, so for our first annual Scatman Appreciation Day, we invite you to Scatman's World.

Best wishes

NudieDaniel(Alternative Delta) and The Bare Squad Team

Apparently, the Scatman just cannot replace the one and only IYNO mascot. Luckily, we have not actually hassled the Hoff too much. He never rejected us.

So, make way for your favorite singer/actor:

Also Scatman John has said the free invitation to Scatland still stands you have until the 3rd of April to take up this offer. He also said he wouldn't minded being our new mascot but pointed out that Scatman Appreciation Day is actually the 13th of March it doesn't fall on the same day as Hoff Appreciation Day.

Enjoy the Hoff everyone (had to get this photo in somehow the likely reaction to the news if he was told)

Also maybe how I posted this is proof the Hoff is so woven into the IYNO fabric that attempt to replace him would look like a half arsed joke on Hoff Appreciation Day


Every year I look up something about the Hoff. I'm surprised I never thought to find the out Hoff's first major movie role. It's very funny he played character called Boner in a movie called Revenge of the Cheerleaders in 1976. So very young Hoff will it get future use who knows

I was so confused when I came here today and started to hear music.


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