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Who writes itself?



2-3 years since I write short stories. And on my first novel I've been working for six months.

Which one of you also writes short stories, poems or something like that?

Here you could imagine excerpts from your works, or give tips.

I wish you much fun.

I'm currently working on a naturist themed horror short novel (the clothed people who don't have sex are the ones in danger!), although I'm way behind where I planned to be because it got put on the back burner for another project (which I just completed) and now I've gone back to it, I want to start again and re-write everything I've done so far.

I have a couple of other ideas that I'll mopve onto when I finish that one, a sci-fi vampire novel with humans as the oppressors of the vampires and another based in a post oil world that didn't develop new energy technologies in time, but has retained much of its historical & scientific knowledge while returning to medieval levels of population & energy use.

i'm writing a sci-fi/space opera story at the moment - i'll post on here when it's done!


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