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Does anybody know if there are any nude beaches on Cozumel?  I've read online that there's a "nude beach" sign by the restaurant Mezcalito's on the east side of the island but people say it's more of a joke than an "official" nude beach.

I'm going to be in Cozumel in two weeks so I'll be sure to post here when I get back updating you guys what I find.

I feel like I should probably respond to my post here so I don't leave anybody hanging.

In the two weeks I was there, I didn't find a nude beach.  What I was told by one local is that the east side of the island is a bit dangerous for swimming.  One person I meet at the hostel I stayed in on the island told me he went skinny dipping on the beach over at Playa del Carmen but that was around midnight.
Also a lot of drugs comes through Cozumel on the east side so there's a lot of military/police patrol too.

If you want to find a nude beach, I would look somewhere along the mainland.  (Tulum supposedly has nude beaches). 


Theres a nice (and quite expensive hotel) called Azulik in Tulum which is clothing optional. Mexico is not precisely naturists friendly.

Theirs a clothing optional resort in the city of Cancun called temptation resort all adults only. Be aware some thing could get sexual their though

I've been to Cozumel a few times and have never found the beach either. Mexico isnt exactly nudist friendly for the most part.


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