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Toronto Island (and Hanlan's Point) Closed Until Further Notice

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A bad news for those in the GTA area looking to sunbathe this summer.

Toronto Island (and Hanlan's Point) is closed to the public indefinitely due to flooding. For a while, they even had an emergency evacuation plan set in place for the 700 or so residents, to put it into scale. Officials commented that it might be closed well into July.

Ferry service to Ward's Island is still operating for residents and workers, but unfortunately, barred for the general public.

Such a shame, seeing that it's the 50th anniversary of the Island, and 150th anniversary for Canada. Would've been a great place to go see the firework spectacle for Canada Day.

I'll keep this post updated for any new announcements.

Toronto Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

Apparently, Hanlan's Point isn't completely barred from public access. An user on Reddit said they visited the island earlier using the water taxi service, but noted the higher cost ($20 round trip versus $7.50). I'd also like to add that they require a minimum of 3 people before they can disembark.

So, the flood hasn't completely doused my summer relaxing plans, albeit with a significantly higher price.

I wonder if the beach is even useable with the flooding being such a problem.


--- Quote from: cjpilotboy on May 20, 2017, 04:04:02 pm ---I wonder if the beach is even useable with the flooding being such a problem.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I have my doubts. Seeing the beaches mainland is pretty much sunk underwater, I can't even imagine the damage over there.



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