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Re: The subtlety of non-nudist beach goers.
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2017, 10:23:59 pm »
"as i said i believe we should invite them into our cages - and when enough have joined everyone will realized the bars have disappeared "

I agree and very well put.   I have noticed during  visits to Studland , the  UK's  premier "official" beach  over the last few years that more and more  textiles are using it probably for no other reason  than the fact that the  only pathway from the free parking zone on the main road brings you out right in the middle of the naturist section and people just don't bother to walk any further on.  The two groups  co-exist  quite happily , the clothed folk are quite unconcerned by nudity  and on the rare occasions when I've witnessed dubious behaviour it invariably comes from a man who is himself naked.  I think integrated  beaches and other facilities probably are the way  forward but I think it will be a long time coming.  In Danish beaches  for example the naturists still seem to feel more  comfortable congregating all in one spot  despite having the freedom to strip off anywhere.