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There's a Hidden Nude Beach in Italy — and It Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

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There's a Hidden Nude Beach in Italy — and It Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

Nestled among the picturesque cliffs of Cinque Terre in Italy is a secret slice of paradise virtually devoid of sweaty tourists holding selfie sticks and wearing Hawaiian shirts. In fact, most adventurous visitors of this elusive destination probably aren't wearing anything at all — because it's a nude beach.
Known as Guvano Beach, this secluded spot is hidden on the coast of Corniglia (one of five villages that comprises Cinque Terre). The clothing-optional beach is pretty tricky to get to, but a few dedicated travel bloggers and insiders have spilled some helpful details on making the trek. Spoiler alert: if you have a fear of the dark, you may want to count yourself out on this one.
World Oceans Day: 25 Breathtaking Beaches You Must Visit Before You Die To get to Guvano Beach, start by walking down the Lardarina staircase from Corniglia, and turn right at the bottom of the steps, where you'll eventually see a single house near a semi-sketchy abandoned railway tunnel entrance. Above the tunnel opening is a painted scene of nude figures on the beach, which is just too fitting.

The roughly half-mile walk through the passageway is apparently pitch black, so we suggest bringing a strong flashlight if you're planning to visit. But on the bright side, the stunning turquoise waters and lush greenery that greet you at the end certainly make the terrifyingly dark walk worth it. Upon exiting the abandoned tunnel, there's a steep, rocky cliff that leads down to the beach, so flip-flops may not be the best footwear choice for this rugged adventure.
Guvano Beach is certainly quite a challenge to get to, but if you're looking to strip down, relax, and enjoy the Italian coast sans clothes during your next Mediterranean getaway, we suggest adding it to your bucket list. Keep reading to go on a virtual journey to the hidden beach, and you'll instantly feel like you're actually there in real life.

Never mentioned whether it has a Sandy or stoney beach.

Looks beautiful. A pitch black walk to a little slice of paradise.

Still in Italy, I prefer this little corner of paradise... but just because it's on my island.

It has become an official naturist beach two years ago. And yes, the sea has that colour :)

All these beaches look nice and all but I think I'll take my hills of Pennsylvania over these amazing beaches any day.

This was 100% sarcasm I love PA but I'd go there in a heartbeat.


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