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The first Naturist restaurant in Paris

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Located in the heart of the naturist center of Paris in the 12th arrondissement. We propose you to taste a bistronomic and refined cuisine in a sober and friendly. A VĂ©gan formula is at your disposal. We welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday in the evening ONLY ON RESERVATION from 19h30 to 23h00. The pleasure of dining naked all year in the capital in the respect of naturist values. A cloakroom is at your disposal to allow you to live this moment in all discretion. Whether you are already an initiate or want to try, you will be delighted to experience this experience.

Love this concept. Hope we get more restaurants like these.

I also like this concept, the restaurant opened on November 1st in the 12th arrondissement.

Ivan 01:
I do not understand why to eat naked in a big city.
When we are with parents on vacation - on the beach, next to the pool, after the sauna, we often eat in the nude. But this is natural - the sun, air, nature around.
I had breakfast and lunch many times in a restaurant in the naturist Camping Solaris in Croatia. But it was a restaurant near the pool, and it was natural. And in the evening, when the pool was closing, and we went to a restaurant to have dinner and watch football on TV, everyone was dressed, even small children.

I was going to say that the menu has terrible prices, but these seem like Paris prices


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