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Which nationality most likes to get naked at the beach?

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Published a couple of years but still interesting

Beach goers around the world don't get too bothered by public nudity and speedos. But they do break a sweat when it comes to a possible shark attack.

That's according to Expedia's annual Flip Flop report. The study, commissioned by the online travel agency and conducted online by research firm Northstar, gauged the behaviors and preferences of 11,165 adults across 24 countries in five continents.

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I visited a nude beach in France once.  Everyone seemed very open about it.


--- Quote from: ukmarcus on March 08, 2020, 04:16:55 am ---I visited a nude beach in France once.  Everyone seemed very open about it.

--- End quote ---

@ukmarcus tell us more about your experience, if you like.

About the nationality, I would say french and german people...according to my experience.

does the nationality matter or is it more about the place?
when i'm in nude places i see people from different nationalities.
in resorts in france that i've been to the magority were europeans but that could have been du to the location, i'm guessing that in the us there would be more americans.

When I was in Europe every nude beach, camp, or resort always had German speakers. Considering the FKK culture especially in the east I would say the Germans


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