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Christmas Naturist Story: Santa, Why Are You Dressed
« on: December 26, 2017, 04:17:25 am »
Merry Christmas everyone!

We have plenty of famous Christmas stories like "The Polar Express", "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", and of course, "A Visit from Saint Nicholas". But I realized that we don't have any Christmas stories related to naturism. As a gift, I wrote a short story about Santa visiting a Naturist resort in Florida. I intend on reading this to my children, but I also want everyone to check it out themselves. Enjoy!

Note: This is NOT erotic or even sexual in nature. Just as most nudists and naturists would want, I strived to make it as family friendly as possible.

Santa, Why Are You Dressed?

Chapter 1
It was Christmas Eve. The night of parties and family were coming to a close. The rest of the world was in full slumber. Awaiting: awaiting for the next day when joy would emerge from toys, stockings, and whatever people would receive to know that someone cared enough about them. For most children, they would waiting for the jolly man in the red suit, Santa Claus, to deliver fun and hope, whether it would be a new doll, an action figure, or a video game. These presents were reminders that if they could be inspired from their imagination, there was hope of a better life as a grown up. So where was he at around 9:00?
He was over the coast of Florida.
Though he was south, the sky was just as cool and crisp as the artic. He was about to make landfall in the United States, the last of his route before making his return to the North Pole.
Just as he was plotting to aim for Miami, a sudden flock of birds flew in front his reindeer. This created a jostle for the flight, twisting and turning the sleigh.
"Whoa Blitzen! Whoa Donner! Keep it steady!" Santa said as he tried to make sure his sack of toys wouldn't fall out.
"Come on boys! You can do it!"
Santa tried to get his flight back in a steady position, but the reindeer were still shifting around, still startled by the bird attack.
"You've come across airplanes and jets, and it took birds to spook you?!"
Though he kept trying to reign them straight, he already knew that he had to make an emergency landing. He didn't want to have children wake up to discover that Santa had been injured.
He got the sleigh further inland as the coastal towns would prove too populous to risk generate attention. The lights on the houses still indicated that people were around, but at least he knew he had a chance to land quietly. The area was rural and seemed to only have once stretch of highway. He tried for a dark looking field, but the reindeer wanted to get on the ground as soon as possible. He needed to land now.
Santa managed to get a rough, but safe landing in a forest that looked to be next to a lake.
He unbuckled himself, already sensing he was okay. He got out of the sleigh when he noticed two things; first, it was warm. The suit and overcoat that kept him warm in Scandinavia and Russia suddenly felt unbearable. He already felt sweat coming and proceeded to wipe it from his forehead.
"It must be nearly eighty degrees!" Santa said.
He had been on the job for hundreds of years and he still prefers the cold to the heat. There was something about the warm from his fireplace at the North Pole that felt rewarding. He had gone through heat spells before, though the American Southeast tended to keep a consistent temperature that made it a popular vacation destination.
Santa removed his overcoat, thinking that he'll just deal with whatever's wrong and get back in the sleigh. But that’s when he noticed the second problem.
He examined his reindeer to see if they were okay. They were still shaking, but all seemed well…until he saw Comet.
Comet had a large set of antlers that helped provided the lift for the rest of the reindeer and sleigh. It seemed that birds had hit him with enough force that part of the antler was torn.
"Comet, my poor boy, we need to get that broken wing of yours fixed."
He knew that Comet would simply have to regrow it next year. But for the night, he could simply use duct tape until he got back home.
The heat was still present, but he got into his sleigh, looking through his batch of wrapping supplies (which he kept in case a present needed mending). Plenty of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, and tape, but no duct tape.
"Shoot! Perhaps there might be some in the supplies"
He was looking through other compartments, when he heard footsteps. He thought of what he could do, but decided that he had no choice but to ask for help.
It was dark, but Santa could indicate a set of flashlights looking for whatever noise he created.
"Hello?" a child's voice called.
A mother emerged from the bushes…naked. She was holding a kid, looking to be about 5…also naked.

Chapter 2
Santa froze in his sleigh as he was looking at a mother and her son who didn't have any clothes on.
"Are you okay sir? Did you need help?" the mother asked.
She was a younger woman, probably somewhere in her early thirties. She was tall, even for most woman, and skinny. Santa could see that even from a short distance, she would tower over him and he already stood about 5 foot 11.
Santa knew he had to say something, but wanted to appear courteous without glancing at her nude body. He faced his eyes forward and said quietly,
"Er…um…I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm having a bit of trouble"
The mother came towards his sleigh to examine things and said,
"Did you…get separated from a parade of some sort?"
"Not exactly" he said as he realized that he had no tape of any kind. Though it was embarrassing, he had no choice but to ask them for some tape. He certainly wanted to know what a mother and her boy were doing in the nude. Where to start of questions without being intrusive? He knew he had to start slow.
"…ma'am, I don't want to take too much of your…
"Santa, why are you dressed!?" her son suddenly belted out.
"Robbie!" the mother said to her son. She looked back at Santa and continued, "Sorry about that sir, he's at that age where everything needs an answer.
Santa could relate. He too had a lot of questions, which made his head spin the more the humidity was getting to him. He decided to answer the childs question first.
"Robbie, it's Christmas Eve. This is what I've always worn."
It seemed like a simple answer, but he should have realized that the simpler an answer is for a 5 year old, the more questions come along with it.
"I know your Santa, but why are you still dressed"
"But…neither of you are dressed. I'm sorry if I was disrupting anything. Were…were you guys changing for something"
The mother clearly wanted to say something, but little Robbie kept beating her to the punch.
"We are dressed! This is home!"
His mother finally covered her son's mouth so that things could be cleared. This was her turn to speak.
"You have to excuse him, but you're not from around here are you?"
   Foe the first time he landed, Santa started to chuckle. He'd thought she would have put the reindeer and sleigh together.
   "Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho! You could say that." He said with a smile, almost forgetting that it was still warm.
   "I was going to say, with the reindeer, sleigh, and sack, you make for a convincing Santa Claus" she said.
   "That’s because I'm the real deal. I'm Kris Kringle"
   Though the mother was skeptical wondering why a man in a Santa suit would be roaming around the woods, she could sense he meant no harm. A bad guy wouldn't have all these reindeer and a large sleigh anyway, she thought. Regardless, she was intrigued to see who this was.
"Prove it!" she exclaimed. She didn’t know what to expect.
"Alright" Santa said as he looked through a large book that was his list. By sense he stopped toward the end, and landed his finger on a name.
"Your name is Susan Walker and your in your mid thirties. You and your parents, Doris and Fred, lived in Temecula, California until you went out to college. You've been off my radar for a while, but I remember bringing you a Super Nintendo back in 1992. I brought your boy Robbie a stuffed T-Rex last year when you lived in Tallahassee. I guess that brings us here know"
Susan was awe struck. How would anyone know this much about her.
"You…you..Santa?...could it be?"
As she stood to put everything together, Santa realized that she was still naked. He seemed to have forgotten that during his reminiscence.
"I am! I don't want to prude, but why don't you have clothes on?"
"No problem, we don't wear clothes around here. This is the Isle of Heaven, the local nudist resort. We live here", she happily explained.
   It all clicked together. Santa had heard about these clothing optional places, but Christmas Eve deliveries there were extremely rare, as he only delivered to children. He knew that many of these places had a lot of older residents, but this was his first encounter of a family at such a place.
   "I don't want to be intrusive, but I could really use some duct tape and I'll be on my way" Santa said.
    "Then you better come with us", Susan said. "I know we have some, but I'm not sure where they are.
   "And you can give me my present!" Robbie yelled as he managed to break free from his mothers hand.
   Again, this gave Santa a chuckle, though a lighter one.
   "Oh no, no, I'd feel out of place. I should wait with the reindeer."
   "Nonsense, they'll be fine. We'll be quick, I know you need to get back to delivering presents.
   Actually, Santa had as much time as he wanted. Time travels with him on his night, making it so that one night could go one forever until he completed his mission. But he was a hard worker who liked to get things done as fast as possible. So without anymore questioning, he settled his reindeer securely in place, though he took Comet with him, so that he could be fixed. He walked with Susan and Robbie as the more lights became visible.
   Robbie looked at Santa and asked,
   "Santa, you can take your suit off if you want. It feels better that way"
   Santa wasn't going to do that. Why would people prance around in the nude?

Chapter 3
Santa, Susan, and Robbie all passed several large RVs and small homes that were clearly prefabricated. Most of them had Christmas lights, and some even had full displays. One prefab house had a wooden replica of Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, complete with woodcut outs of the Whos and the Grinch. This was typical of most neighborhoods that Santa had passed earlier.
The big difference was that everyone was naked.
Because of the warmer weather, there were some outdoor parties going on. Santa saw many body types; young, old, male, female, thin, fat, white, black. It could have gone one, but walking on the road, he thinks that he's seen at least 60 nude people. They clearly saw him, as many of those people waved, some even yelling, "Santa!". He didn't want to draw too much attention, so he didn't respond, hoping the mother and son would want to talk.
Santa also noticed that nothing naughty was going on. Everything bad thought Santa had suddenly disappeared. These parties seemed like every other Christmas party, with people talking, spreading cheer and such. It's just that they were naked in this case.
Susan could tell that Santa was trying to put things together.
"Welcome to the Isle of Heaven!" she said. She gave out a small, gentle laugh to indicate she was aware of what he was thinking.
"I thank you for your time and patience." Santa said.
"The pleasures ours!" she said.
"Why aren’t you…and your family out at a party?"
"Oh, well the facility already had a kids party last week and a full blown party yesterday. We're just having a quiet night with the kids"
"What about your family?"
Susan was putting together an answer as Robbie gave out his own.
"Dad says everyone's too far away and wouldn't want to be naked" he exclaimed.
Susan gave a smile and decided to elaborate.
"Santa, if you remember, I'm an only child and I come from a small family. Mom and dad are back in California. My husband Jacob's family all live out outside of Nashville. We're kind of the only ones down here in Florida. Even when family visits, we're always going to them, at whatever Marriot their staying at.
Santa had seen this before. A family that’s too far from the rest of the larger family. He felt bad knowing that this family was on their own for the holidays. Susan then added,
"We already sent cards and gifts to them. And the kids are going to open up their gifts from them tomorrow. We're even going to call them all tomorrow to wish them a Merry Christmas!"
"That’s nice" Santa said. "You never want to lose that touch."
Santa meant well, but he wanted to make sure nothing he said could be taken the wrong way. He'd started to think about the things he wanted to say without being offensive. Touch was one word he knew wasn't going to be used again here.
"I just wish that the rest of the family would be more open to visiting us, but if they can accept our choice to live here, then I can respect their opinion about the nudism lifestyle"
Santa then removed his hat to give the top of his head (which has a bald spot he's been hiding) some fresh air.
"Take your pants off Santa! You'll feel better and be like us!" Robbie said.
Susan took her boy's hand and said,
"No, no, no. You don't have to. This place may be a nude only resort, but I think we can make an exception in your case"
Susan understood well enough that not everyone agrees to a nudist philosophy. There are those that are simply more comfortable with clothes on.
They were passing an older airstream trailer, that didn't have decorations, but the large tree behind them had some white lights and even ornaments. Though the door was shut, Santa could make out an older couple, looking to be in their mid 70s, who were sitting down to dinner. He couldn't feel but imagine his dinner with his wife every time he returns home after the Christmas Eve deliveries. He continued forward with Susan and Robbie, not wanted to seem like he was peeping though homes (ironic as he just spent the night, going into peoples homes).
"There we are up there!" she said, as all three walked up to a nice, single story home.

Chapter 4
Susan's home was another prefab house that had a set of stairs leading up to a deck where candy cane lights had been hung around. Though Santa sees thousands of homes with lights, he took a moment to realize that he rarely gets to walk in front of these decorated homes like a regular person. He thought they looked good against the white color of the home. He tied up Comet to the outside railing, knowing he would be safe. All three went up the deck and went through the door.
Upon opening, Santa saw that two more girls, both about toddler age, were busy watching Frozen on the TV that was mounted in a corner. Unsurprisingly, both were naked, but they were sitting on towels while on the couch. When both looked at the door, their eyes lit up as they took a deep breath and shouted,
They both got up and started to surround him, clearly wanting a gift. As Santa gave them smiles and waves, Susan stepped in to calm them down.
"Britty, Caroline settle down. Let him come in" she said
Both kids were giddy, but obliged and backed away as Santa let himself in through the entry. He was going to shut the door, but Robbie beat him to it.
He heard some glass plates being stacked in the kitchen that was open. A man who was just as tall as Susan walked out to see who was visiting.
"Why if it isn't Saint Nicholas!" he said as he gave a smile, clearly thinking that Susan must of sent over an actor.
He was naked too, but Santa was no longer shocked. He had just saw the neighbors in that state, so what was one more. Santa saw that this guy was lanky with long arms, but his stomach was a bit more plump. Not as fat as he was, but Susan seemed to like men that matched her distinct height.
As the tall man approached Santa, he was afraid he was going to hug him. Santa had given plenty of hugs to his wife and elves, but a naked man was different. How does a nudist hug someone anyway?
As the man approached him, he held out his hand, obviously waiting for another to shake it. Santa proudly gave him that expected handshake, knowing he didn't have to hug him.
Robbie then jumped in front of his dad to say,
"Dad, it's the real Santa! The real Santa!"
"Yes, yes, aren’t we glad he could come." The dad said.
Having settled the two girls back on the couch, Susan walked back over to talk to her husband.
"Robert, did you finish the kitchen for me?" she asked
"Just got everything put away" he said
"You are the greatest"
Susan and Robert gave each other a peck-like kiss. Robbie then grabbed Santa hand and led him towards a tree.
"Come and see our tree!"
The girls look on as their brother took Santa towards their Christmas tree. It was nestled in the opposite corner, next to a framed portrait of the family, this time clothed. Before Santa could examine it, Robbie forced his attention towards the tree.
"Look! Isn't it cool?" Robbie asked
"It's very nice" Santa said.
This was like a lot of trees he had put presents under earlier. He could tell it was a fake by it's branches material. It was close to the real thing, but Santa had always liked the pine smell of the real thing. While the color lights were a part of the faux tree, the ornaments were theirs. The collection was typical from most families: couple of birds, some nutcrackers, a bell, craft ornaments made by the kids and some ornaments based off of movies. Santa's hand was tugged indicating desired attention.
"Look at this one! I just got this earlier this year" Robbie said
Santa found himself looking at a miniature flag that said "Go Gryffindor!". He could see an etching that read "Universal Resort Orlando"
"Did you get this on a trip?" Santa asked.
"Yep, got it at the Harry Potter world. The ride was awesome. The only downside was that I had to put on clothes!"
"Yeah!" both girls said as they were still looking at Santa.
"I suppose you don't wear clothes often" Santa said, already knowing his answer.
"Months. I only wear them when I have to."
Robert then walked over to the tree and said,
"Alright, give the man a break."
He led Santa to a lounger chair that was next to the couch. It was confortable, but Santa had hoped that it had been sit on with a towel, like how the girls were sitting.
"Did you bring our presents!?" One of the girls shouted, as both were like miniature volcanoes; doormat, but ready to burst at any point.
Santa then realized that his sack was still in the sleigh. He wished that he had brought it here, but then again, he would have never predicted that he would be sitting in the living room with a nudist family. Without much of a beat, he gave a chuckle and said,
"Your presents are with me. I don't have my sack of toys, but they'll be coming momentarily"
The girls gave a disappointed look, as if their favorite movie was not going to show. They were barely paying attention to Frozen at that point. Santa Claus was in their home.
"Santa?" Robert called as he was making his way back to the living room.
"Santa, I took a look, but I can't find any duct tape like Susan said you needed"
Santa realized he hadn't even asked for duct tape. He was about to suggest that perhaps the neighbors might have some to spare, until Robert said,
"But I called the front office, and they said they had some. We'll pick some up while we head to the pool."
"Pool?" Santa asked.
"Yeah." Robbie said, still standing by the tree. "We take a swim every Christmas Eve. It's a lot like a bath"
"Alright, alright, why don't you all get your sandals and pool toys, so we can talk to Santa here" Robert said, already with a towel in his hand.
The kids walked past the kitchen towards a hallway where their rooms were. This left Santa, Robert, and Susan alone in the living room.

Chapter 5
Santa sat silently for a moment to look upon the naked couple in front of him,  not sure what to even say. Thankfully, Robert said the first thing.
"I might as well explain ourselves. We live in a…"
"Nudist resort. Your wife already told me" Santa said.
"I'm guessing this is your first visit to one?"
"Yes" Santa said quietly.
"I hope your feeling alright about this. I'm sure this comes off as very unorthodox." Susan said.
"It's a little odd to say. I'm not one to judge how one lives"
Santa of course had some things to judge; especially the fact that children were not only naked, but in a place where other naked people could see them all the time. He wanted to ensure that this was a safe place for them. So Santa then said,
"So are you all part of a commune?"
Robert then smirked out a light laugh.
"No, no, were just nudists." He said.
Susan grabbed her towel and sat down on the couch. Though it looked that Robert was going to join her, he heard some shouting, screams of where favorite floaties were. He went into the hall to deal with that. Susan took in a deep breath, knowing she better explain.
"Nudists are people just like you and me. We simply think it's more comfortable to go without clothes"
"But Susan, doesn't it bother you that people think that…not appropriate material is going on"
"I promise you. The Isle of Haven is a family resort. The owner himself runs the Bedford Church down on Potter Road. He ensures that people of all types are welcome to enjoy this place. Nothing is adult only. Sure we have dances and parties, but their just as casual as your clothed parties. Children could come, but they'll probably be board. That’s why we plan a variety of activities just for them. Just last week, we screened The Little Mermaid and at least forty families came out for that. Another Santa came and distributed candy canes. It was very nice"
Santa was stunned. He knew about nudists, but he never realized how many families were a part of it.
"But why is being naked a part of it" Santa asked
"There's a lot of reasons, but I'll tell you how I got into it. When I met my husband a couple of years ago, he took me here. He had grown up a life long nudist, as his parents were. I was incredibly nervous, but once I walked the walk to the pool, I realized that no one would look at me funny. I've been bullied throughout my childhood for being tall. But suddenly, now that I was naked, everyone simply wanted to be my friend. And as a bonus, the sun felt so good all over, and the pool felt amazing without a bathing suit."
Santa had to admire her confidence and taking a leap into a lifestyle. He had seen history pass and technology come about, but he never made any changes to his routine. He also thought about how things at the North Pole had become mundane.
"We became at home nudists from that point, I had three kids, and earlier this year, we made the decision to move into the resort. Though most people coming here are vacationers, there are many people who also live here. Now we never have to worry about a peeping neighbor!"
Santa had only one more question.
"And your okay with these people seeing your children in the nude"
"Yep. This place runs background checks on anyone visiting let alone living there. Everyone is trustworthy and they are very nice."
Santa adjusted himself as he had come to understand that this family was ironically normal given their situation. He wiped more sweat from his face, but let out a smile that indicated that no one was in danger.
"Mom!, we're ready!" all the kids shouted as Robbie was carrying a donut shaped pool float while the girls just had water wings. Robert was carrying a bunch of pool noodles.
"Come swimming with us Santa!" Robbie said.
"I'm sure Santa would rather stay behind and watch some TV or something." Robert said. "I promise I'll return immediately with the duct tape and just come back to the pool."
"But what about my present?" said Caroline
"Santa's in a rush. He's got his job for the evening and he needs to get back to work. He'll give you your gift when the time comes" Susan said as she got up to give her husband a hand.
The kids gave a quiet goodbye as they stepped out, thinking that they'll never see him again. As the kids waited on the deck, their parents soon followed out and their dad pointed them to start walking to the pool.
They were on that same road that Susan and Robbie were on earlier. They walked a little slower to look at the neat displays and lights of the other residents.
"Ohh…kids, look at this." Susan said.
They stopped in front of an older RV where a wooden cutout of the nativity scene was represented. The family looked at the models of baby Jesus as being looked over by Joseph and Mary. Three Wise Men were in the corner looking at the miracle. The stable was large and even had a star, the only thing that had lights on it.
"Shall we move on to the pool?" Robert said
Just as they were about to head off, they could hear the loud stomps of boots. They saw a figure jogging up to them.
The family saw that it was Santa Claus…naked except for the boots on his feet.

Chapter 6
"Yay!" all the kids were shouting.
"Santa's a nudist now!" Robbie said.
"Ho, ho, ho, let's not jump to conclusions" said Santa as he was panting for breath. While he was, he tried to stand in a position that wasn't awkward. Should he cover himself with his hands? Not cover? What are the rules? He had a lot of thoughts.
"I'd thought I'd at least hit the hot tub. We don't have a pool at the North Pole, but we have a Jacuzzi. Of course, we tend to wear bathing suits. I just wanted to show my gratification for you helping me tonight"
"But Santa, it's Christmas Eve." Said Britty. "Don't you have other homes to visit?"
"Time travels with me. I got plenty of time." said Santa.
Aside from wanting a rare break in his one night, he also had decided that by continuing to wear his clothes, he was still suffering from the humidity. Not to mention that by being the only one clothed, he was getting the feeling that he was the one exposed in front of everyone.
"Perhaps there's something to nudism that these people are on to" Santa thought.
"Just for next time Santa, you can either wear sandals or go bare foot" Susan said, pointing that black snow boots don't go well with nothing on.
"I was in a hurry, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho" Santa exclaimed.
As the family and Santa walked down towards the main clubhouse, Santa had to admit that the overheating he was feeling was gone. The air was still heavy, but at least he could feel the air all over. Florida weather was actually tolerable. He also noticed that no one was calling him out as Santa. Without the red suit, he was just Nicholas, an older gentleman who was visiting. They passed another family; mom, dad, teenage daughter and a son that looked about 11. They passed some couples as they had seemed to be going in the same direction.
The clubhouse was clearly the nicest building in the facility. The family and Santa went around the side, but they could see that it had pool tables, an arcade, a library, an office, and some empty boardrooms. The only exception was one that was used to seat a clothed family.
"You see Santa" Robert said as he pointed out. "The Thompsons are five buildings down from us, but they got their family to have dinner with them. It's clothed, but still they came"
Santa could see that even those on the outside could accept ones choice to live the nudist lifestyle, but wished that the family he was with could have that charity.
The family used a key to open a gate where the pool and Jacuzzi were.

Chapter 7
Though it was late on Christmas Eve, there were some others in the pool. It was mostly an older cliental taking its use, but there was a younger mother with her 2 year old in a floating toy.
Robbie, Britty, and Caroline ran toward the pool (despite being told the hundredth time not to run) and jumped in. Santa, Robert, and Susan went straight for the Jacuzzi. There were 2 older couples in there. Santa once again worried that this would lead to inappropriate conversations. But as he was given a towel, Santa could hear that the couples were just talking about normal things.
"Do you think we should leave tomorrow by 9?" said an older woman. "That should give us enough time for me to wrap while you drive to Miami. "
"Every year, you put off wrapping for the grand kids until the last minute" said the older gentleman sitting next to her. He took a sip from a bottle of water as they continued their talk about the next morning.
Santa, Robert, and Susan got in and took their spots not far from the steps. Santa let the jets hit his back as he laid his head back to enjoy a moment. He felt good. He typically didn't get sore muscles, but Santa could still get tired. The hot water was refreshing and would make the rest of his trip more relaxing.
"I almost forgot one thing!" Robert said as he stepped out and grabbed a towel. He walked quickly into the clubhouse and disappeared.
Santa and Susan talked a bit more. She had questions about the North Pole and his magic he was happy to answer. She learned that the North Pole patented several toys; Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Micro Machines, and even video games, and with that earn large residuals, which help fund their mission. He talked about how he doesn't often use the chimney (though he's resorted to it if necessary). He even discussed the difference between his use of common illusion and mysterious magic. That was where the time traveling and how he has been able to do this for nearly a thousand years.
He too asked about her and how things were. She talked about starting an at home online business which would make their children's homeschooling easier.
"So that’s how the kids get away without have to dress" Santa thought.
Robert returned 10 minutes later with a roll of duct tape.
"Sorry Santa, I almost forgot your reindeer" He said.
"Oh" Santa muttered. "I better get going soon"
Santa stepped out of the Jacuzzi to dry himself off. He saw that Susan was stepping out herself.
"You don't need to get out on my behalf. You guys just stay put"
She stopped on the first step.
"But Santa…"
"No, no, I like to keep my work in motion until I'm done. It'll be easier for me to slip out while the children are distracted"
Robert and Susan knew he was right. They figured if Santa told the kids he was leaving, then he would be there all night.
"Well Santa, I thank you for seeing that were a family just like everyone else" Susan said, "Don't forget to put your suit back on before you go"
That was when Santa suddenly realized that he forgot he was even naked. "How did that happen?" he thought. He came to conclude that while he was there, the rules had changed and to be clothed was to be naked. Being nude was normal here, so instinct simply took over.
"Ho, ho, ho" he said, though quietly enough so that Susan and Robert could hear him, but not the kids.
Santa let himself out, taking the towel with him. Susan could tell that Santa would just leave it at their place.
The family was there for at least another hour until Robert informed the kids that it was time to go back. It was there that they finally realized that Santa was gone.
"Did Santa go to the bathroom?" Britty asked.
"No, Santa had to go." Susan explained to her daughter.
 They gathered their pool toys and they walked to their home. They could see that the parties were dying down and people were shutting down for the night. The lights would still be on outside, but the insides were becoming dark.
When the returned home, they saw the towel that Santa had, resting out to dry, along with the duct tape. But no Santa and no Comet the reindeer. He clearly had no trouble meaning Comet's broken antler.
"Santa's gone!" Robbie said
Though not crying, his parents could tell that their son was sad he couldn't have said goodbye.
They all entered into the living room where they saw that the tree was now full of presents. The children immediately screamed.
"He was here!" "He brought the toys" "He ate the cookies!" all the kids were saying as they scrambled to see their treasure trove. Robbie grabbed a box when his mom said,
"Hold on a moment, you're going to have to wait until the morning to open them"
"Awwwww!" the kids moaned.
"Don't give me that, it's very late. Go get ready for bed"
The kids ran down the hall to brush their teeth. Robert and Susan took a moment to look at the tree and remember what had just happened.
"This really is a nutty family!" Robert said with a smile.
Susan let out a laugh and she put her arm around him, leaning against him.
"Its not every day a naked Santa Claus comes to your home and shows a little bit of magic"
"Well we helped with that"
Susan let out a lighter chuckle.
"Hey what's this?" She asked as she saw a note next to a Disney World ornament.
Robert grabbed it and they both sat on the couch to read it.

Dear Robert, Susan, Robbie, Britty, and Caroline,
In my years of gift giving, I'd never met a family like yours. Your like a lot of people, and yet, not so much. It obvious that you're all happy to be nudists, but you also happen to be honest and loving. What you have together is special. Never change. Though I don't know if I would now call myself a nudist, I certainly understand why it feels good. I just may have to talk to Mrs. Claus into joining me in the Jacuzzi like I did with you. No more swimsuits for me!
Christmas is about the effort we take to show our love towards each other. I hope that your just as nice with everyone else as you were with me. Making others happy should be your mission in life. Whatever it is for you, I don't know. But know that by helping my reindeer and showing me that even interesting lifestyles can still define normal, has made me very happy.
So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy "Nude" Year!
Santa Claus

As they finished reading, they swore they could hear a faint sound of sleigh bells in the sky.

The End
“ Clothes therefore, must be the insignia of the superiority of man over all other animals, for surely there could be no other reason for wearing the hideous things” - Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Re: Christmas Naturist Story: Santa, Why Are You Dressed
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 03:54:59 pm »
Do you think you could make a video of this? Or get someone else to help make one?
A secret's ever safely placed with honest folk and leal;
And secrets trusted unto me are in a locked-up house
Whose keys are lost and on whose door is set the Cadi's seal.
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Re: Christmas Naturist Story: Santa, Why Are You Dressed
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2018, 09:05:57 am »
I’d thought that in time for Christmas, that I bump this story that I wrote last year.
“ Clothes therefore, must be the insignia of the superiority of man over all other animals, for surely there could be no other reason for wearing the hideous things” - Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Re: Christmas Naturist Story: Santa, Why Are You Dressed
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2019, 07:57:02 pm »
I still think someone should make a video of this.
A secret's ever safely placed with honest folk and leal;
And secrets trusted unto me are in a locked-up house
Whose keys are lost and on whose door is set the Cadi's seal.
~ From the 1001 Arabian Nights