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I’m not the most tech minded person out there so this might be old news. However, in a bored moment I searched naturist on Instagram and was amazed at the quantity of posts on there. No female nipples or full frontal it seems, rules are rules....... no matter how bizarre. 

There are loads of hashtags promoting positive body image, top free equality and many others. Someone with more tech know how will be able to create links for these.


There are some interesting individuals on there too who we could benefit from collaborating with. We could promote IYNO on Insta in order to get more people on here.

Justinyogastanley (67k followers, yoga guru)
Mynudefreedom (106k followers who contribute the images)
Youngnaturistsnyc (35k followers)

What other hashtags and posters do you know of?


--- Quote from: prodigal_son on January 08, 2018, 10:41:57 pm ---Someone with more tech know how will be able to create links for these.
--- End quote ---

Here you go:

Great pictures!

Thanks! Did you find any other interesting tags?

Here's a couple more I found

* nakedadventures
* getyourassintonature
* nudeinnature
* naturism (obviously :tongue:)
* experiencenaturism
* mynudefreedom

I don't really use instagram but went to check out these profiles. Is there a prohibition of showing genitalia? All I see is butts and breasts.


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