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ATTENTION ALL POETS AND WRITER!!! here is a board where we can share our work

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i am an avid poet i have written but not published a poetry book and i am currently working on my second. i love sharing my work with others and I really enjoy reading other peoples work as well. this is a big online community so why don't us writers band together and just have fun sharing with each other.

so lets do this thing
this will be a place where we can help edit and criticize other peoples work
constructive criticism only no negative vibes please

I don't have any naturist-themed writing per se, but I dabbled in a bit of poetry a year ago. I found that I wasn't too fond of the medium. I couldn't figure out how to write it: whether or not people can interpret it, if I'm supposed to follow some sort of rules or I am breaking some unwritten cardinal writing sins, or if it sounds too pretentious or try-hard.

But well, this one was simmering in my head for the past half a year so I'm going to do my best to make it work.

coffee with stevia please.

Nice job

If you go down the Book forum lower, you’ll find the naturist Christmas story I wrote, “Santa, Why Are You Dressed”. Even if it’s not the holidays, give it a read while you have time.

Plus, I have a blog where I write film reviews at

Great to find another poet here  :azn:


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