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After The Hoff left us hanging dry last year and we found a replacement in Scatman John, we tried reaching out to our new mascot again this year. However, there was a slight complication: After being told he could not wear his signature hat and suit in the pool area last year, he took off right back to the afterlife he came from... Note to self: never recruit a fancy-dressed dead guy as a mascot for a nudist community. Anyway, we were left looking for a new mascot again. And we found... noone. Dammit, we need some sort of mascot. So we were left with no choice but to try getting the Hoff back on board. We reached out to him, and he was actually willing to come back. But only on his terms: No more naturist in the name. All front page pictures must be of David Hasselhoff. And the new name should reflect his mascot status.

So, welcome to our new website, International David Hasselhoff Organization, or IDaHO for short.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

lol, this made me laugh. Thanks for it, haha.

Hoff!!!, Hoff!!!

Man, my phone browser crashes and I come back like an hour later, and what do I find? O_o

so good! way to go whoever is responsible for this!


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