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I haven't seen this posted yet, so I thought I would pass it along:


This festive clothes-free weekend is happening weekend June 8, 9, 10, 2018.  It had been cancelled for this year because of time and energy limitations on my part.  However I have worked out something with the people at Lupin Lodge so that the event can go ahead without me being present.  To make this work some of you have to step forward to volunteer some of your time.  It's not too onerous, really, so please let me know based on the information that follows, how you think you can help.  Email me.

How will Bodyfest be different this year?

a) No advance tickets, just show up.  One entrance fee through Lupin.  And it will either be the usual visitor fee or with a small event surcharge (tba).  Therefore no separate event checkin on the lawn (though there should be a gazebo as the centralized spot where things are coordinated from.

b) All events and contributions are on a volunteer and donation basis... all workshop leaders, performers, helpers, etc are all volunteer.  Lupin may allow free admission for certain major contributors (tba).

c) One person at Lupin, likely Cindy, will be the point person who has to know everything and decides what events happen when and with who leading.  She has already arranged a few things.

d) No photography at this event unless we come up with something in it's own area, a kind of "photo event" as part of the weekend.  We will let you know.

e) I will still help in the background, send out newsletter email, round up a few people and promote the event on social media etc.  All the props, materials, etc for the event are in the Naked Club storage space in SJ.  Everything will be transported to Lupin when the time comes, with a check list of items.

I will update this page soon:

More details to follow but we need to HEAR FROM YOU to get this plan going!  I'm stepping back so this event can become a grass-roots member-created event!

-Nomad (

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I so wish I could be there for it.  I was at Lupin Lodge several weeks ago and it was a lot of fun!

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What is this event? Anybody been to one? Looks like a variety of nude actives. Anybody planning to go?