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Old french naturist documentary - Vivre nu

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Hey !
My first interest into naturism began when I saw a great documentary : Vivre nu - A la recherche du paradis perdu (1998) by Robert Salis !

Has anyone heard of it ? It’s really great and shows naturism in the late 90s
There is also another documentary that came after called « Retour aux sources » which showed how it has evolved since (it was shot in 2010 I think). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find on the internet and the first documentary got deleted from youtube :’(

Anyway, I think it is still a great documentary which has to be shared with you guys ;)


--- Quote from: AZWiki on January 09, 2017, 01:24:39 pm ---Below is the "Living Naked" (1993) with English Subtitles. If subtitles don't pop-up automatically, just click the "cc" button located on the bottom-right on the player.
This film was directed by Robert Salis and I think this is the best naturist content ever produced.

--- End quote ---

Here it is if your looking for it.  Its availability seems to come and go.  I haven't seen the 2010 version.

Oh that’s nice ! It has been unavailable for a while on Youtube ! I’m glad they put it back ! If someone has the 2010, i’ll appreciate if you share the link ;)

I just checked and unfortunatly it has no sound :c only subtitles :'(
That's too bad cause the music was great

There's a good torrent of the 1993 version. Great to see the big campings in france how they used to be.



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