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The Australian Nudist Federation is a good resource for Aussies wanting to find their local club and events in their area as well as other interesting information. It was formed in 1968, is a national organisation aiming to promote the cohesion and co-operation between clubs from all over Australia and is affiliated with the INF. There are many links to all recognised, endorsed and affiliated clubs websites throughout Australia.
The ANF recognise that the younger naturist is looking for different things at events and in their club and they urge you to contact them with ideas and suggestions.
Young Nudists of Australia is a group within the ANF which aims at catering to the under18 naturist who's parents are members of the ANF and it organises seperate events and activities for it's members at each annual convention and sports rally. You can find their info and contact details on the ANF website.

We are now recognised with a link on their site and we thank them for that.

They have just updated to a new, brighter looking website, with a new link to us here at IYNO, so please check them out.

Hi Toddo,

Can you please guide me, how i become the member of this community.....

Thanks Heaps.

Hey Cameron. You can join them directly as a supporter of the ANF, or you could join a club such as Coast And Valley Naturists (CAVN) and get your ANF supporters card there also as part of that membership. Check out the ANF site. It will give you more info.

Hi Toddo,

I already checked on ANF website and even I am trying to contact with them by their defined email address and mobile but I didn't get any response yet. Secondly, I really appreciate if you can help me to join any club including CAVN.



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