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So are nude gyms a thing?  Around the beginning of the year I started getting into the whole gym thing (I'm big, and trying to work on that, and strangely naturism helps me feel better about my size) and kind of thought that this would be the ideal thing to be doing nude.  I mean, as we probably all know, it's in the meaning of the word 'gym.' 

It seems like it would be a lot more comfortable for a lot of things.  Maybe some practical, minimalistic textiles for some of the more aerobic activities to keep things in place a little bit, but all in all, i get the feeling that most of the people in my gym would rather be nude (like those shirts that are...not really much of a shirt).  Especially with the obsession of 'tech fabrics' to keep the body dry, it all seems so counterproductive.

I agree ! Sweaty clothes are the worst

I mean it would certainly make the gym bag lighter too!

There is areas that might do nude yoga, especially in England, or that have a nude swimming area.

But in the US, good luck finding something like that. Like I said, maybe the yoga classes and BIG maybe on the swimming pool, but that'd be about a close as you could get. We're all sticklers over here after all, haha.

I dont like the idea. I go to the gym and I hate to find a machine all full of sweat. Some clothing at least keeps a little bit of sweat from spilling all over. On the other hand I may not require clothes but I may require a huge towel to cover the machine seats. That is quite unpractical. Also, I believe that gym is one of those situations where some support is needed, at least for men!


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