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Clover spa Birmingham UK

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I think this place is over-rated.   It is small with a sauna,steam room and jacuzzi ,thats all.  I visited last week for the first time in a few years but I don't think I'd bother again.  I was surprised that they allow mobile phones and more so that a place supposedly  devoted to health and wellness allows smoking and vaping - walking out into the garden and getting a faceful of smoke doesn't sit well with that ethos as does the number of  grossly overweight old men waddling about . It certainly isn't the "luxury Spa " it claims to be, more like an old style naturist club attracting the same sort of clientele .  Probably  best sampled on a couples or "Young Clover"  week-end though their definition of youth seems to extend well into the forties....

I have only been on couple weekends so i cant comment on other days. But its one of a kind place in the UK. Thats why i think its so good. Plus its a pretty cheap for what you get.

Well I took the plunge and visited Clover Spa on Saturday for their young clover day. It was my first time at an event having only been to beaches beforehand. It was a bit of a trek but I decided to make the effort and spent lovely afternoon there.

Everyone was very friendly and had some nice chats with a few different people, which was great as I had been a tad nervous about going as I was on my own, but when it came down to it I needn't have worried!

There was a decent turnout with a fair few people around my age there (mid 20s-early 30s). Yes there were a few older than the target group however everyone was respectful and friendly.

Spa and facilities were nice, although it isn't huge like others have said. I would definitely recommend this to other people in a similar position wanting to try somewhere for the first time.

Would go again, and now I'm definitely keen to look into other places/ activities/ events to try and meet some more people :)

@english_lad congrats on trying that new and on your own!


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