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Update to UK law about nudism.

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The Legal team at BN in the UK have met with Board of The Police College and have agreed to updated its briefing notes to all officers and is disseminating the material internally with effect from 10th April 2018.

There is no designation of places for Naturism
Section 66 of The Sexual Offences Act does not apply
Section 5 of The Public Order Act does not apply.
Section 4A POA will address intentional behaviours directed towards victims by use of genitalia.

There are no by-laws that can be applicable to Naturism
A 2015 case accepted that Naturism was not a behaviour and not disorderly
The Naked Carpenter case showed that Section 5 Public Order Act could never apply (if cases were competently defended)
Section 66 Sexual Offences cannot apply as there is no sexual context nor any intent

I hope this information helps some people out.


Erm, link? the COP have not published anything on their site as far as I am aware?


--- Quote from: Nudielad on June 06, 2018, 08:44:32 pm ---Erm, link? the COP have not published anything on their site as far as I am aware?

--- End quote ---

Here is the BN link.   

Not a member so cannot see the contents. The COP certainly have not distributed guidelines out to any officer regarding this.

I could arrest a person under Section 5 all day long for being naked in a public place, points to prove are all there. Sexual offences act wouldn't stand up for simply being naked and Section 4 is the immediate threat of violence so I have no idea why that would even appear in that discussion?

In terms of bye laws maybe no public bye laws but railway byelaws almost certainly!

The 'naked carpenter' now he never got prosecuted because he was on private property and not in a public space, Section 5 POA would never cover that offence in fact it's a unlawful arrest.   

I am only relaying the information posted on the BN website.  There is a link that is in the post. i hope this sheds some more information on the subject.


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