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--- Quote from: Delta on May 11, 2020, 08:35:15 am ---Er, it is quite a bit more mixed. We are planning on making it a bit more obvious what is public and what is not, but at least the Naturist Experiences board is off-limits to unregistered users, and the news board is the only one where attachments can be viewed without a valid login.

Keep in mind that while we do keep an eye on new registrations, the restricted (teens, girls, guys) areas, and the gallery of course, are more secure than that, because they are only available after we have had a chancee to get to know the new members.

--- End quote ---

Wow I feel dumb, reading this I just found out there are areas that i do not have access to. I hope that those areas are more active then what i have access to. Only time will tell i guess. 


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