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Dario Western:
Some nudist magazines which are no longer in circulation:

1) Australian Sun & Health - (1983 - 2003) - NOT to be confused with Australian Sun and Health from 2006 - present
2) Journal Of The Senses - (late 60's - early 00's) - magazine from Elysium Fields
3) Sunlovers (UK 1970's)
4) Young Naturist (UK early 1970's) - I had a copy of the first ever edition of this magazine found in a pawnshop back in about 2000 which I got for about $5.  Beautiful and informative magazine, but no information about the history of this publication is available on the Net.
5) Sundial (US 1960's - around late 1970's)
6) Jaybird (US 1960's) - the history surrounding this controversial magazine can be found on the site
7) NAVEL (US 1990) - short lived tabloid newspaper founded by Michael Bluejay meaning Naturists Advocating Vegetarian and Ecological (then 'Environmental') Lifestyles.  Only two copies published which I later adopted into my first nudist online group aimed at a largely teenage to 20's audience.


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