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Brandon's Nude beach list USA

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Just a reminder: Always do an internet search to get the latest information and accurate directions before setting off to visit these places!

Here is some additional information on the Colorado listing, which sounds like a naturist's dream come true:

Valley View Hot Springs is on the Orient Land Trust which is a nonprofit Colorado land trust.

Features of the lands protected by Orient Land Trust include a large bat colony, hot springs, alternative energy use, high altitude dark skies for astronomy, exposed active geological fault, limestone caves, numerous trails into a wilderness area, historic buildings, town sites at an abandoned iron mine and a working ranch.

Visitors to Orient Land Trust experience these features in a naturist (clothing-optional) setting and may camp or stay in rustic lodging.

Please note that reservations are strongly advised for weekends May through October. Admittance is limited by quotas. Reservations are strongly suggested for all overnight accommodations year-round.

map (NOT to scale)

You can download here

a .kmz-file for Google-Earth with (almost) all nude bathing places in Europe.
Is ther such a file for the USA?
If not, it would make sense to enter these places in the USA to this list, too?

I found an additional list of possible naturist locations, which might include some places not on the list above:

Kehena Beach, also known as Dolphin Beach, is a black sand beach on the Hilo side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Yes, there are dolphins there!

Excellent video, thought the music sounds more reggae than Hawaiian:

--- Quote ---You have to hike down a very short but somewhat rugged cliff path to get to this small, clothing-optional black sand beach. Local residents spend a lot of time here and there are drum circles on Sundays. Wild dolphins frequent this area and you can swim with them!
--- End quote ---

CAUTION: Swimming can be hazardous due to high waves and a severe undertow. Also, there is a remote risk of lava flows in the area. Land in the area was created by a lava flow in 1955. A lava flow in the 1990s destroyed the main road. Lava rock can be very sharp. Wear shoes for the walk to the beach.

--- Quote ---The beach is located on Red Road [Highway 137] immediately south of the 19-mile marker. ... Kehena is popular with Puna locals. Here you can enjoy a day at the beach, with the option of hanging out nude with other like-minded folks. Public nudity is illegal in Hawaii, but this beach, located at the far end of Puna, is rarely visited by police. They have recently begun an on again-off again patrol of the parking area, but do not hassle those on the beach seeking full sun exposure.

For those not inclined to full expose, sunbathing and swimming in suits will not make you stand out. There is always a mixed crowd of nude and clothed and neither group seems to mind the other.
--- End quote ---

gallery of photos of Kehena Beach (

those hot springs look great coudnt imagine anything better in the middle of winter


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