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Rob N:
This was passed down to me from my father. It's like Chess, but with 2-4 players, and on your turn you may choose to move every single one of your pieces or none at all.

Needless to say this makes a regular have of Chess look like Chutes and Ladders!  :laughcrying:

It's such an intense game of ongoing strategy that it is very hard to find anyone willing to play. So unfortunate.

streago and trivial pursuit


--- Quote from: Rob N on May 14, 2021, 12:59:04 pm ---I have a great appreciation for monopoly

--- End quote ---

Damn that looks good! I’ve seen another version that has an electronic thing to do the banking and players get their money with cards instead of having a heap of paper to mis count.

My actual top three Bord Games are: - Ticked to ride
                                                           - Mysterium
                                                           - Legends of Andor


--- Quote from: dex87 on May 15, 2021, 10:42:33 am ---My actual top three Bord Games are: - Ticked to ride
                                                           - Mysterium
                                                           - Legends of Andor

--- End quote ---

I’m rather worried now that I can’t think of ever hearing about many if these board games and my knowledge is limited to the basics. As mentioned somewhere else, ludo snakes and ladders, chess etc. Also noting that @Rob N calls the game chutes and ladders instead of snakes and ladders, the game originally ancient Indian called Moksha Patam.

Cluedo I used to think was the newest game I have tried (whether I played it right is another matter) until I just looked it up... 1943 and almost 80 years old is a lot older than I imagined it.


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