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Rob N:
One of my all-time favorites: Survive. Any Florida board gamers want to make a day of it?

Just played Trapwords and had a blast! Thinking ahead and figuring out how your opponents would try to skirt around is so satisfying.

A while ago, a friend introduced me and a few other friends to Space Alert. It's the type of game where you play together against the game. You really need to cooperate in order to succeed.
We all had a blast  :cheesy:

Cle Leftwrite:
Call me basic but I really love Betrayal at the House on the Hill as well as it's DnD themed spin-off Betrayal at Baulder's Gate. I'll have to check out the ones you guys have recommended though.

I've been thinking about getting into board games.  So far I'm eyeing Star Wars Rebellion, or I might try to make my own bootleg Catan. 


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