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So I have been an art model for over 5 years. It combines my 2 passions rather well and I get paid for it. I was wondering if other people have tried it as well?

If you are interested in it definitely contact your local art school. Most schools need models so you will be doing them a huge favor.
It’s also super fun to see all the drawing they made based on your poses!

I did it for another college's art department while I was in college. It was a good experience, but man was my back sore after those sessions. Staying still is hard work! I haven't done it since graduating, but if someone asked me to I'd do it again.

That is very true. People do underestimate the sitting still part. Definitely because the artist prefer dynamic poses. So your muscles can be under tension for a while or other parts just went to sleep.
With practige you learn which positions work well for you.
You should model more!

@Bastian.therock  The avatar that you put on your profile is a drawing made from your artistic poses?

I wish. No this is a selfportrait by Schiele. One of my favourite artists. I wish someone drew me like that!!


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