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I stumbled across this interesting site that also had a resource for books about naturism.  Not the usual dry, fact-based ones but proper works of fiction with real plots and  characters but with a naturist theme.

If you know of any works of fiction based around a naturist lifestyle, please let us know and add links to them here.

Thanks! I like the link to a webcomic of a czech cartoonist, and then found his own website.
and this

The comic looks interesting. I like his style, especially the more recent artworks. However, no more of his comics have been translated. His art conveys nudism really well.

Here are some of his work that I like. The style and colours make some look like they could be printed on vintage postcards.

Thanks heaps for the list! Great to look through... Do you know of any free books?

I said this in another thread but being that Growing Up Without Shame is such a commonly referenced book about the benefits of naturism, it's a shame it hasn't been reissued or digitized (someone could even scan it and make it a .pdf). The occasional absurdly priced copy is sometimes found in the wild.


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