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Midlands waterpark opens for naturist organisation

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Bravo, I hope more will follow their example. It's time to get over the riddicolous fear of nudity.
I believe children are actually more safe in a naturist environment than anywhere else.

I seriously hope this goes ahead and is a great success for the water park, which can only help promote naturism and maybe others will give it a go..

Article sounds like a bunch of non naturists knowing nothing about naturism and not even having the gumption to look up The "Naturist organisation " if they had of, they would see rules etc for joining, and also how in fact the kids are so over protected in general by all the adults.. Anything untoward is quickly sorted out and dealt with..

Glad to hear. I have been to this event in Stoke for a couple of times and it was great with lots of people of different ages. I once befriended with a middle age man who used to come with his kids but at the time his two sons were going to college so he was going on his own. I also talked with a family (the dad was British and the mum was from Hong Kong), really cool and friendly people. They have a teenage daughter who still wore her swimsuit but still having a lot of fun.

They should make it a reoccurring event, like once a month. Think that would make people dare to try it since it's not as big of a deal if it's reoccurring.

I so want to go to that; shame it's 3000 mi/5000 km away.  :sad:


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