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All-inclusive nude cleaning business set to open in Auckland looks to hire staff

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Check out this NZ Herald article

There are a few of these business in Australia too. I’ve never used them, but have done my own house work in the nude a lot.

Theres a nude carpenter too in sydney! -

I find it a bit weird though with the nude cleaner website that you would choose what kinda of undies they would wear! surely if you're hiring a nude cleaner you want them to be able to clean nude haha

Of course

Sounds to me more like a gimmick or something a bit "sexual" rather then naturism.
I can more or less understand naturists that are looking for a cleaning person, though i personally wouldn't heir someone because they're nude, i prefer practicing naturism rather than inviting a stranger to my house to clean nude.
I'm also guessing that the non naturists that will use the service will use it more for looking then for the cleaning


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