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Strip off card game

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Hi guys,

I was thinking that I'd like to buy a card game about stripping off. It would be a cool way to introduce (drunk) friends to nudism while drinking before going out  :happy

It should not necessarily involve sexual things, I would like a mix of truth or dare, cards again humanity and similar things. Does anybody know a similar game? I've been looking quite a lot in amazon and other sites but I couldn't find what I wanted.

Thanks a lot  :laugh:

I mean, Strip Poker is sorta the thing that's been a thing for generations there. But pretty much any game can be turned into a "strip" version of it.

Definitely, I was looking for something a bit more structured. I can't believe there is nothing in the market haha


--- Quote from: nakedstud90 on November 15, 2019, 07:21:19 am ---Definitely, I was looking for something a bit more structured. I can't believe there is nothing in the market haha

--- End quote ---

Probably because a pure strip game won’t be marketable or financially viable.

In all of the (very few) times where I was involved with or heard of a group that played strip poker or nudity-involving truth or dare, there was lust involved and the game serves as an 'easy but fun' way to start the evening, with intentions that are more explicit then "Let's just hang out naked and have a drink". I don't think there's anything 'tame' like that on the market because it wouldn't sell, and you can very easily involve stripping with any other game already out there. At the youth naturist camps stripping dares can come up with regular card games, but so does drinking alcohol and about any other dare that you can think of that would amuse a bunch of 20-year-olds. You can make any game as fun as you want it to be and change the rules. They're templates on which you can add additional rules that everyone can agree on.

Have you done anything with this group of friend since your first post? I'm curious about the group dynamics and how that would go. It's not something that would work for everyone for sure.


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