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Mauritius Beach, WA


Has anyone been to this beach near Exmouth?

If so, what can you say about it? Would you recommend it?

Having been there now, I would not recommend it unless you're wanting to sunbathe.

There are a lot of rocks. The rocks beneath the water are slippery and can't be easily seen. What's worse, the ocean currents are moderately strong and could easily dump you on sharp places if you're not careful. This is NOT a beach for swimming.

It's unclear exactly how far in each direction Mauritius Beach extends but it's not very large and you could run into issues with turtle watches further up the north/right end of the beach at certain times of year if you're not careful.

There are no signs there however there are posts for a sign. This could be because the area can be hit by cyclones over summer so they put some dangerous big metal things into storage (the sign at the Big Prawn says that).

But if you're only wanting to sunbathe for a while, this could be quite a nice little hideaway with a tarred road almost right to it, especially in the cooler months as Exmouth is in the tropics.


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